4 Common Errors While Deploying The WordPress at Host

There is no doubt that WordPress is a user-friendly content management system, which has the outstanding integrated environment. Hosting a WordPress (WP), demands lots of patience and skills, because a little mistake can jeopardize the data, money and time. As we know that there are two kinds of hosting one is dedicated, and another is shared hosting.

Dedicated hosting is where webmaster has complete control on the server while in shared hosting the server is controlled by more than one professional web developer. Deploying the WP to a dedicated server is very beneficial in terms of high bandwidth, daily maintenance and lots more that cannot be possible while using Shared hosting.

Either using Dedicated or shared hosting, webmasters have to face lots of difficulties while deploying site. They have to be cautious, from selecting hosting service to installing their sites on the host. Sometimes minor mishandling in any cases causes webmasters to lose immense time and money or site got crash.

To share general issues; here are some common errors that the web programmer faces at the time of setting up WordPress on the host and how to troubleshoot these bugs. Let’s go through all the errors and their fixing techniques that are mentioned below:

Issue regarding Compatibility Of Web Host

Not all the web hosting services are compatible with WordPress. Sometimes PHP scripting works correctly, but at the same platform MYSQL doesn’t work, and in some case some PHP functions do not work, which leads to the hassle at the time of presenting the site. It is known that for WP hosting both (PHP and MYSQL) are equally required.

To solve these issues, some web hosting services come with an installer and nice architecture that automatically set up the WordPress with the required environment. The installer such as Fantastico assists in installing the necessary software that is compatible with the needs and uninterruptedly runs the application.

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Errors While Setting Up My SQL

Errors While Setting Up My SQLWhile installing the WordPress at host, some developer forgets to put SQL complete information or give some wrong information for example they did not put up the name of database, user’s information and database concerned access data. This may lead to the problems such as they cannot access the database, the new table, user or database cannot be created by the programmer. All these problems result to the non-working of the site.

The solution to these errors is by mentioning all the information at the config.php file that is by default created at the “localhost” or some web host service provider put the database at any other location and gives the domain name while installing. Using the domain name or address of the server you can trace the config.php file and modify/insert the missing information.

Problem Caused by Free Web Hosting

There are many free web hosting services that provide a WordPress installer. Never get enticed by these advertisements. It is the kind of prank that  leads various coder to select the paid the services while deploying the WordPress, it will be better to choose the premium services.

Secondly, the most advantageous factor premium service is the secure architecture that never land you in any worry about the site and content.

Thirdly, in the current market there are many premium services that cost you very little or can suit your budget and give the lots of conveniences to enjoy.

Trouble while Skipping step or Misread message during Installation

It is known that WordPress comes with installer that guide us to install the WordPress, but when we install WP, in the hurry we just started clicking the “next” button without reading the message on the box. This land you in some ordeal that we can’t imagine and at last we find appalling error that can’t be troubleshooting.

So it will be good never to miss any message and read every information very carefully, and then navigate forward to install the WordPress.


Learning to use WordPress is very much different from installing or hosting WP. A little carelessness may cost you a lot of time and money too. Go through every installation guides very carefully that are mostly mentioned at WordPress.org such as 5 minute install or you can read the FAQ.

Hope that this blog has given you ideas about the common mistake that anybody can perform while installing WP. If you have any problem regarding any point you can share that with the comment section given below.

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