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Download Webloggerz WP Floating Footer Bar

After my first plugin; social media widget got pretty fair response; I thought why not code something similar yet different. I saw a cool floating footer bar on few sites and decided to code a similar thing yet more enhanced in features.

Working Screenshots

Just a brief, this plugin adds a floating footer bar which sticks to the bottom the screen. You can choose to set its functional mode to either Automatic or Manual.

Automatic Mode

With Automatic mode, you need to enter your category ID and the plugin will then display random posts from those categories to your visitors, thus increasing your page views.


Manual Mode

With Manual mode, you can display your custom message by entering the HTML code.


Social Media Links

Last, you can also add your social media profile links. So far I have added the option of Twitter,Facebook and Google Plus.


Minimum Requirements:

1). WordPress Installation with minimum v3.0.

Installing & Configuring

1). Download The Plugin from the below given link
2). After downloading, Go to Add new plugin and Click Upload.
3). After choosing the installation file, Click Install and then Activate.
4). Go to Floating Bar.
5). Select Automatic Mode or Manual Mode
6). Enter category Ids for automatic mode and HTML code for manual mode.
7). Click Save & you are done.


Download Now

Editorial Staff at Web Loggerz is a team of Web Technology lovers led by Ansh Gupta.


  1. Hey guys, the plugin is great! I’ve been experimenting with it on my site. I’m just wondering if there’s a way to limit where it appears – is it possible to make it show on the front page and blog posts only?

  2. How to translate this plugin buttons to Portuguese?
    Example: Like for “Curtir” and Follow for “Seguir”

    • You have to replace social codes with new translated codes.

    • I suppose so. but where do I find these codes translated into Portuguese? Do not know much about programming.

    • Please, help the translated codes for portuguese brazil.

    • Sorry but we are unable to provide any additional support on that.

  3. You have an awesome plugins.
    Btw, Is it possible to disable this plugin on a mobile phone?

  4. Hello, I really love your plugin, please how can i disable it in mobile. I dont want to show it in mobile

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