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Download Webloggerz Social Media Widget For WordPress

Social Media Widget Overview

Almost all premium WordPress themes come with inbuilt social media widgets, but is your theme’s widgets really fancy enough to encourage more social user values to your blog.

The hard thing is designing and developing such a stylish Social media widget requires best coding practices. And the good thing is that I have done it all for you. I have designed this Social Media Widget which allows you to add your RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus profile links to your WordPress Sidebar.

This is a free plugin which is available for download now. The plugin lets you add your Social media accounts on the sidebar of your blog. The plugin is easy to install and configure. You can see the screenshots below. You can also see the live demo on the right sidebar of this site.


Webloggerz Social Media Widget For WordPress


Webloggerz Social Media Widget For WordPress

Minimum Requirements:

1). WordPress Installation with minimum v3.1.
2). Sidebar with minimum 250px width otherwise you need to configure a few lines from the CSS file.

Installing & Configuring

1). Download The Plugin from the below given link
2). After downloading, Go to Add new plugin and Click Upload.
3). After choosing the installation file, Click Install and then Activate.
4). Go to Appearance -> Widget. Drag the widget to the sidebar where you want the plugin to appear.
5). Replace the default options with your own social media links.
6). You can configure the width of the Google Box to adjust as per your sidebar width.
7). Click Save & you are done.


Click Here To Download Now

Editorial Staff at Web Loggerz is a team of Web Technology lovers led by Ansh Gupta.


  1. Is this also available in the wordpress plugins directory?
    PrimeMagz recently posted…Optimize Keywords for Every Post of your WordPress BlogMy Profile

  2. Great plugin!

    However you forgot to add the twitter username to the url for retrieving data.
    Check line 100 in wbloggerzsocial.php. It will always get the weblogger twitters info.
    I changed it into: “$twurl = “”.$twitter_id;”

    • Thanks for the mention Christian. But I already updated the file yesterday. Anyways thanks for the concern .:)

  3. This is really a cool plugin. Already downloaded. Thanks for giving this to the community.
    Chadrack recently posted…How to Increase Your Business Profits With a Blog!My Profile

    • Thanks Chadrack.

  4. Wow its amazing…
    But can you pls make this widget to HTML/CSS .So people who use ‘blogger’ could add it to their blog.

    Looking for your Reply
    Franklin Antony recently posted…[Solved] Transitions Loading before Page LoadMy Profile

    • Ok, Sure. Allow me few days.

  5. Hello Ansh,

    I’ve put a question on the wordpress support forum but maybe here is a best place so I copy it below :

    Your plugin is great but there is a problem with the responsive of it. On my website which is responsive, the sidebar change of size when you decrease the size of the window…
    I have RSS, Facebook and Twitter and when the size of the sidebar decrease, the twitter box is cutted. Is there anyway to resize the 3 boxes in order to keep them nice and proportional ?
    Thanks for your support and plugin !

    And also a question: Will you implement Pinterest option on your plugin ? I think it would be very nice ! :)

    Regards !
    Kentin recently posted…Sustainable sketchbook made from milk and juice cartonsMy Profile

    • Can I have your site link to check?

      • Go in a post page, for example :
        the plugin is on the top of the right sidebar….
        Kentin recently posted…Sustainable sketchbook made from milk and juice cartonsMy Profile

        • Hi, Thanks for stopping by. You need to update the following settings. If you are Ok with code changing then you can follow these steps otherwise I will be updating these files at the plugin directory in a day or two.
          Go to – > Plugins -> Installed plugins -> Webloggerz Social Widget -> Edit -> On the right side click -> webloggerz-wp-social-media-widget/widgetstyles.css.

          Add the following code to the existing classes:
          .webloggerz-widget {width:100% !important}
          .webloggerz-widget ul{width:100% !important}
          Remove this line from existing class
          .webloggerz-widget li a small {font-size: 11px;}

          Let me know if you need any other help. Rgrds

  6. That’s what I call an incredible support ! Just made the modification and its work like a charm ! :)
    But I did not delete this line :
    .webloggerz-widget li a small {font-size: 11px; color: #fff;} just removed the “font-size” because I need the white color for it !
    Thanks a lot for your great support !
    Also, do you have plan to integrate Pinterest in your plugin ? It will be a nice addition ! :)
    Regards !
    Kentin recently posted…Sustainable sketchbook made from milk and juice cartonsMy Profile

    • Welcome Kentin. Yeah, I do have a plan to integrate pinterest and stumbleupon in few days.

  7. Really in need of this widget

    Thanks for sharing :)
    sonesh recently posted…Enhance the search engine optimization of your website and secure your rankMy Profile

  8. Hi – I love this plugin as it fits the theme of my site perfectly. It worked fine on my Godaddy hosting, but I just switched to Synthesis and it isn’t working. They are more picky about plugins so maybe there’s something in the coding that could be tweaked to make it work.

    The RSS works and the Facebook works fine. But when I put in the twitter account name it messes up the page. The sliders won’t work anymore and the background is gone. At this link is a screenshot of what my homepage looks like with Rss and Facebook, and then what it looks like when I add the twitter username.

    • If this was working correctly on Godaddy, then I guess your Synthesis hosting has blocked the script which is required to get twitter followers count. You need to contact your hosting provider regarding this.

  9. This is a great plugin! Thanks for creating it. I love the look of it.

    Any chance of adding YouTube as an option? That is the only data I’m missing. It would be cool to be able to display the YouTube subscribers as well.



    • Thanks for loving it. Alright I will add it soon.

      • Thank you for considering it! I’ve looked at a few solutions for adding the YouTube subscription information, but I like the idea of adding in to the look you’ve already created and I end up uninstalling the others. ;-}
        Jeff King recently posted…AUG Game Preview: Stones of FateMy Profile

        • Don’t worry mate.. I make the changes soon.

  10. Hi Ansh,

    Any news about an update to integrate a Pinterest followers counter ? I love your plugin and it will be sooo nice to have a Pinterest widget ! :)
    By the way, thank you for it ! :)
    Kentin recently posted…Shelf from an old pair of CrutchesMy Profile

    • Thanks for loving it. I will add it soon.

  11. Thank for your prompt reply…waiting for it :)
    Kentin recently posted…Wooden whalerMy Profile

  12. No doubt that your plugin is great. But I have been using MailChimp. Can I use mailChimp instead of Feedburner?
    Sudip recently posted…How to Add RSS Feed in Opera Mail [A Google Reader Replacement]My Profile

  13. Hi webloggerz-team,

    i need assistance with your plugin. I get this message:



    Please help me to remove the mistake. Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards, Tobias
    Tobias recently posted…CASH BACK – Sie haben die Wahl!My Profile

    • It may be because you are using this plugin on localhost or maybe your server doesn’t allow usage of this script.

      • What would be a solution? I am a newbie, can you help me?

        • Use it on a live server

          • Hi

            I have the same problem as this other user , I have the plugin connected to the main website

  14. Great work Ansh! Its really a cool social plugin. Its beautifying my sidebar. My hats off for all your hard work!!!!!!!
    Rupak recently posted…How to build a website,my experienceMy Profile

  15. Hello, I added the plugin in my sidebar, configured it. But, its not visible there. What’s the problem? Can you please check..
    Vijay recently posted…Manmohan Singh’s Decade As India’s Prime MinisterMy Profile

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