8 Creativity Boosters to Blog Better

Blogging can be tedious. It makes the brain and the body so tired that writers tend to lose ideas to write. Cognitive block is the mortal enemy of writers. Often the writers loose and this leaves websites outdated. Not publishing new contents will drive traffic away and halts opportunities to profit.

creativity boosters to blog better

For whatever reasons your blog is made, writer and web admins should understand the importance of regular posts. That is why they should learn to push themselves to write; even if they don’t feel like writing, to think of something creative even if their creative juices are squeezed out to its extent.

Instead of doing nothing until your muse arrives, do these few tips to boost creativity and begin writing interesting articles for your readers:

Surf The Internet

There are lots of things you’ll get from surfing the internet and one of these is inspiration to write. Sites like Tumblr, Deviant Art, Wattpad, Pinterest and social media sites will help tickle your creativity to generate great ideas to blog. Social media is not used in learning. Students are encouraged to browse pictures in Pinterest to create mood boards as inspiration for art projects.

Limit Yourself

Deadlines aren’t that bad because it pushes you to your limitation. This moment is when you generate the most innovative ideas. Your brain adapts to these restrictions and you become resourceful to reach your goal. Remember how Dr. Seuss wrote his best-selling children’s story, Green Eggs and Ham? It was written using only 50 words, which is a result of a wager between the famous writer and his publisher. Do the same and challenge yourself to write something you don’t often write, in a style you don’t often do. This might help you provide something fresh to your readers.

Keep Your Desk Messy

Your working environment has a lot to say on how creative you become. In a research conducted by the journal Psychological Science, students who work in a messy working area create innovative and interesting ideas than the people who work in a tidy room. The messy working area reminds you that you are still not done with work, and that you have to finish it fast.

Act Different

If what you normally do won’t generate creativity, isn’t it intuitive that you do it in a different way? Psychology Today reports that doing things different improves productivity and efficiency. Based on their study, people who prepared sandwiches different from what they normally do becomes effective in brainstorming than those who did it the usual way. Cognitive psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman, advice people to “be weird”. You can write using your other hand, eat something new for lunch, or take a different route going home. Add something new to your lifestyle to improve your mind-set to blogging.

Start Daydreaming

Find the inner kid in you and start daydreaming. Day dreaming boosts creativity. The most absurd works of art are often results of dreams. Have you heard about Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory? Or The Beatles’ Yesterday? Be careful not to let yourself stuck in trance. Remember you have articles to finish.

Increase Curiosity

Curiosity helps you discover new topics and ideas to write. If you write usual stories seen on other websites, you cannot attract readers. Go beyond the What’s and Where’s and study the How’s and the Why’s. This can help you think outside the box and understand issues better. If you are curious, you can provide informative posts that people enjoy reading.

Practice Brainstorming

Brainstorming is one of the best techniques to unclog your mind from writers’ block. Group discussion can help you generate ideas to post. Free writing is another technique used in brainstorming. Simply write whatever things that pop in your mind and from these words, produce fresh topics to write. This is a quick fix against cognitive lapses.

Talk to Strangers

Talking to your friends and family helps you generate ideas on what you can write for your blog. But talking to people, whom you do not often talk with can spark better stories. These are the people who inspires you to be creative. They have experiences that can help you understand life better. You can use these stories to write inspiring articles to help your readers. You can meet these people through volunteer works, or even the people to sit beside with in a bar or restaurant.

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Writing and creativity block is normal when you are managing a blog. It is just your mind saying that you are tired. But since it is your job and passion to write, you have to force yourself to be artistic. Take Barbara Kingsolver’s advice when battling writer’s block, “chain that muse to your desk and get the job done”. Creativity is not an all-or-nothing concept. Follow the tips above to unleash creativity within you and help improve your web traffic and sales.

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  1. Talking to a strangers will give you an unbiased discussion… And also better yet talk to a person who made it successful!

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