29 Most Creative WordPress Themes For Artists

No other group of professionals would have been more elated with WordPress than artists as the content management system (CMS) is a complete package that makes them feel at ease with technology. They do not see it as a scary software tool with incomprehensible elements. WordPress offers them a fine site designing software and creative WordPress themes are the perfect solution to build the artistic web platforms. Every artist, worth his salt, knows that a website is a must, in the present times. And if you have been delaying your project for the want of that dream template then you do not have to wait any longer.

For the showcase, we have presented below about 29 top class creative WordPress themes for artists catering to all types of designers, musicians, photographers, painters, bands, web designers, dancers, tattoo artists or any other kind of creative soul, having anything to do with art. You can use these themes to create portfolios, blogs, web stores, etc. All of them are very competent and carry latest design and technology. They are the right mix of professionalism and power, giving you all that is needed to carve your niche.

Creative WordPress Themes For Artists


Flatfolio Premium Portfolio & Agency Theme
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A clean and minimalistic style theme, FLATFOLIO gives you a powerful platform to express your art. It carries AJAX portfolio, Visual Page Builder, post format support and lots of other useful features that will quickly bring you to your destination. The template is SEO optimized with Google rich snippets, custom headings, etc. that will give you good ranking without taking much time. It focuses on usability and user-experience. So, be sure that you are in safe hands and hop on to the template as soon as you can.


Koncept Portfolio Theme for Creative People
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An online portfolio is a must in the contemporary scenario and KONCEPT gives you the best solution at an affordable price. It carries modern design and top-notch technology. CSS transitions, HTML5 tags, and nicely executed JavaScript code bring the best style and performance for your site. What is more, this WordPress artist theme is totally customizable with ample room to give shape to your taste. You can make the changes with simple drag and drop and also see them in real-time. It is that easy! So, get it quickly and rock the stage in your style.


Modest Minimal portfolio theme for creatives
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Minimalism meets efficiency in Modest. This portfolio WordPress theme for artists has been tailor-made for creative souls and gave their work excellent exposure. You will enjoy 8 diverse portfolios, varied menu options, Google web fonts, Flexslider, Google maps and many more attributes. Modest is a storehouse of smart design and subtle style that will give you the ideal setup in all ways. Just check the demo, and you will get the evidence.


Boxes WordPress themes for artists
Demo & Download

Laying the foundation stone of your studio or your personal project is so easy that you will not believe it until you take a demo of boxes. This is a well-designed WordPress theme for artists with retina display, responsive layout, and many other sought-after features. With Boxes, your creativity will reach its pinnacle and get the best showcase. Especially suited for photographers, it will do justice to all types of artists and their artwork. Lastly, the template is ultra fresh and thus, a bearer of latest style and technique.


Vulcano creative WordPress theme
Demo & Download

A great deal of thought and research has gone into the creation of Vulcano. This artist WordPress theme is very sleek and stylish with a rich arsenal of modern features that know their work inside out. Here, you can be your popular best as the template supports social media with great enthusiasm. The Twitter, Flickr, Facebook widgets are proof of the same, and this is not all. A lot lies ahead, and that is worth exploring.


North Unique E-Commerce Theme
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SEO goes a long way in establishing your art work in the cyberspace. Therefore, North comes with inbuilt module to support the same. This e-commerce template is fit for the creative souls looking to sell their work. Powered by WooCommerce and carrying WPML support, 600+ Google fonts, post formats support, unlimited color options, custom widgets and other attributes; this WP template offers you an enormous and gorgeous platter that will nourish your soul thoroughly. It is very simple to get started with, and once you are done with the installation, the ride ahead is super smooth. North shows the right direction to all the artists, and you can rely on it just the way you do so with your best buddy.


Peak Retina Responsive WordPress Portfolio Theme
Demo & Download

Here is a retina-ready WordPress theme for designers that knows how to create a professional and powerful presence for your work. Peak is designed to take you to the glorious heights of popularity and thus, deserves a demo. Its clean code, easy customization and sharp features are very well aligned with your purpose. It is very competent on all fronts and pleases both; search engines, as well as an audience. Peak is a proper pair for your site in all rights. You will be proud of its performance.


Queens One-Page WordPress Theme for Artists
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One-page themes are known to be the best friends of portfolio sites. Queens is one such buddy that is always by your side, providing you comfort and competence in equal measure. This portfolio template caters to creative people quite effectively and also offers 5-star support. The most attractive feature is that it is ultra fresh and brings you the best of all worlds. You need to take a demo to get the complete picture.


Vega Portfolio Gallery Theme for Photographer
Demo & Download

An extremely fresh WordPress artists theme, Vega offers to be the dream portfolio for all types of artists, especially photographers. Its minimalist design is nicely complemented by high-resolution graphics and retina ready display. The template is very adept in terms of technique and uses CSS, JavaScript compression along with intuitive in-built shortcodes that will give your work best exhibition in the cyberspace. Vega is packed with a long list of fabulous modern-day attributes that are more than enough to serve your purpose.


Viska Creative One Page WordPress Theme
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Simplicity is the best style for a portfolio, and Viska knows this quite well. It mixes elegance and effectiveness in fine degree. You will get a solo page platform with an easy-to-use interface from which you can call the shots. In case you feel, the simplicity will affect the liveliness then this is not the case at all. Here, you are offered unlimited colors and animation effects. You can easily use them the way you want to get the charming flavor.


Wave Best WordPress Theme for Artists
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Wave creates the right style of waves with its layout and functions. This innovative template is suitable for all types of artists and can carry images and galleries with high perfection. This is very appropriate for exhibiting your work as the chances of visitors converting into clients is enough large. Wave is also WooCommerce ready and thus, starting a web store is super easy. All the features of this premium template are highly supportive, and you will get great service at a fair price.

Yin Yang

Yin-Yang WordPress Creative Theme
Demo & Download

A super hit portfolio theme, Yin & Yang knows what is expected from it. This WordPress creative template is an excellent choice for all the artists looking to create a credible presence in the cyberspace. It is very lightweight, minimalistic and efficient. It loads like a breeze and renders your site nicely on all viewing platforms. You will get all the tools to design the best site and can quickly change things with drag and drop.

Metro Vibes

Metro Vibes Best WordPress Theme
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Meant for creative agencies and individual portfolios, Metro Vibes is a theme that never disappoints you. It gives you 4 different sliders with cool looking animations that easily catch attention and lead to high conversions. The responsive design and retina display render the perfect presentation on a broad range of devices. With Metro vibes, you will not find it difficult to impress search engines either as there is complete support for the same. Do check it out. It is a sample worth putting your money into.

Modern Portfolio

modern portfolio pro theme studiopress
Demo & Download

As the name indicates, Modern Portfolio is a new-age theme with the right kind of features and customization options. It is based on a minimalist design and offers a fully flexible framework. This means your work will get the best attention and can easily mark its presence amidst the competition. The landing page template is perfect as a launch pad, and you will reap great benefits from it. So, why wait anymore? Get it fast and rock on!


origin WordPress photography theme
Demo & Download

Pictures are more potent that words. This is why Origin focuses on images and creates the best exhibition for your work. It makes use of the grid-based design that is very easy on the eyes and effective. It is also mobile ready and adapts seamlessly into the different screen sizes. If you desire, you can get it personalized in simple steps. Just drag and drop the particular element and your job is done.


Elegant WordPress Template for Artists
Demo & Download

Graceful and groovy, Elegant is one theme that lets its performance do all the talking. It is very crisp with no overload or fancy elements. You only get what is necessary, and this helps the speed and responsive design. It is also conducive for the ranking and overall, gives you incredible service.


Demo & Download

An aggressive and unconventional WordPress theme for creative artists who wants to create an amazing portfolio of their work online. There are more than half a dozen different styles for your portfolio so you don’t have to look anywhere else besides this amazing theme.


Coastline Creative WordPress Template
Demo & Download

Meet Coastline, a powerful portfolio creative WordPress theme with the right number of features and exact style. It is fit for corporate as well as artists. You will get 12 custom widgets, 7 custom post types to establish and market your stuff. Not only this, you also get WooCommerce readiness along with many other features. So, if you are on the lookout to sell your work, do not worry. It will get done.


Crush Design WordPress Theme for Artists
Demo & Download

This is one theme that you will indeed develop a crush on. Dedicated to individuals and creative agencies, Crush comes with the requisite amount of features and is also inviting to your customization needs. This artist WordPress theme lets you make the changes and see their impact as well. What is more, you do not have to be a coding expert to do this at all. It is well-documented and guarantees lifelong updates and support.


Alona WordPress Theme for Designers 50
Demo & Download

Alona is a minimalist imaginative WordPress theme with a modern approach and contemporary features. If you want your work to do all the talking then, this is the best template. It carries fully responsive design, Bootstrap 3 readiness, translation support, FontAwesome Icons and many more features. Each of these is here to help you gain a firm foothold, and you will enjoy its company to the hilt. Alona is aware of your demands and serves adequately, without charging much.


Artist Sketch Layout WordPress Theme
Demo & Download

A fresh launch, Artist serves all the artists out there with fabulous skill. It goes great with agencies, companies, design units, architecture, digital studios, photographers and the like. The template is very fast and easy-to-use with a straight-out-of-the-box performance. It blends technology and style in a very proportionate manner. This is commendable because the real test of an artist theme lies on this very front. Do not miss it in any way.


Inkd Tattoo Studio One-Page WordPress Theme
Demo & Download

Here is a one-page theme packed with some very quirky charm that promises scintillating spark for your site. Inked is a fit portfolio theme for all types of artists but best complements tattoo designers, piercing studios and the like. The template knows the mindset of your target audience and hence, doles out adequate layout and features. It also comes with the tasteful parallax scrolling known to lend depth to your web platform. The CSS transition, Google map, fonts further up the aesthetical brilliance which is sure to strike a chord in your heart.

The Style

TheStyle WordPress Themes for Artists
Demo & Download

This is a crisp and modern theme with high focus on content. TheStyle makes the right impact on all types of viewing devices, and its jQuery-enhanced full-width design delivers the good punches on the small screens as well. It is very easy on the eyes and loaded with secure code. This is also a designer-friendly, and if you want to tweak the layout, it is quite straightforward. You can play with the structure and create your building without any trouble.


Ink Tattoo Studio For Designers
Demo & Download

Tattoo parlors and artists must check out this compelling theme that has got all the bells and whistle needed to create the desired impact. Ink Tattoo Studio is a single page template with 2 styles, additional page templates, 6 color styles and blog pages. It is also ahead in the field of technology as HTML5, bootstrap3 find place in its DNA. You will feel completely at ease with it as a user experience is class apart. If you get stuck anywhere, you can always rely on the customer care team.


Marble Creative WordPress Theme
Demo & Download

If you are a fan of the flat layout, Marble is the right base to set up your portfolio site on. It is entirely compatible with a small screen size and also does justice to the ones using retina display. You can use it as a single-page as well as multipage theme. Both the options are feasible. The template has got the rocking Revolution Slider as well that is known to make you shine like the pole star. Do give it a try.


Studiofolio WordPress Creative Theme
Demo & Download

You will not make it to the coveted list of top artists if you do not work on your portfolio. So, here is Studiofolio, packed with latest features and design. It provides you fluid/fixed width layout, full-screen light box, slide show and many other elements that are known for their aesthetical appeal. As far as functionality goes, here too, Studiofolio takes the cake. It is SEO optimized, cross-browser compatible, quick, customizable and the list goes on.


Tattoo Artist WordPress Theme
Demo & Download

Tattoo art is a particular niche that needs special treatment and Tattoo Studio has been designed keeping the individual needs in mind. The template is home to a classy horizontal layout, jQuery slider, full-screen Google map, working contact form and much more. Here, you can exhibit your services and talent to their optimum potential and that too in your style. Tattoo studio is not averse to customization and offers you numerous options to personalize things as you like. Just get it activated and you are ready to rock.


Vertex Most Creative WordPress Theme
Demo & Download

Built for smooth scrolling and efficient performance; Vertex is a treat for your target audience. It engages them with great skill and makes sure your work gets the best exposure. It carries a very credible call to action that will lead to copious conversions. The template is very meticulous in design and makes all the efforts that it can to get you the results you want. It is certainly worthy of investment and offers a fantastic return on investment.


Slam Music Dj WordPress Theme
Demo & Download

Hit the right tone with SLAM; the ideal theme for musicians, DJs, bands and all those who have an ear for music. This premium music template is based on Twitter Bootstrap framework and brings you some very alluring animation and display. Here, you are greeted with auto light box, widgetizable footer, 5 custom post type, responsive slider, logo uploader and many more characteristics. You can easily customize it and get it to hum the tune you like. SLAM is very social network friendly and leaves no stone unturned to give you the right quantity of name and fame.

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