How To Create a eCommerce Website Using PrestaShop

Whenever you hear the name: Jeff Bezos, the first thing that comes to your mind is – Amazon. You dream of having a billion dollar empire. You dream of making an excellent and profitable e-commerce website. You dream of changing the world, while getting paid for it. Not only Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and FlipKart have been the successful examples of ‘dream come true’ ventures. Even, retail companies like Wal-Mart and BestBuy stepped into e-commerce world, which proved to be the best move.

E-Commerce industry is on the rise. Lots of e-commerce websites are being made day-by-day. It is not because of the fact that e-commerce industry is promising, but the fact that building an e-commerce website is easier than ever!

While it comes to e-commerce CMS, no one can beat PrestaShop. In fact, PrestaShop has been a synonym for e-commerce! With a whooping number of 3.8 Million Downloads, PrestaShop has been the one-stop solution for building an online store. The main reason why it has got so many download is that—it’s absolutely FREE.

PrestaShop website

PrestaShop is an open-sourced program with over 310+ superb features and more than 3500+  modules and premium templates to choose from which ensures you can build a top-class e-commerce website. Powering over 165,000 e-commerce websites currently along with support of 63 international languages, it is evidently the first choice for anyone who wishes to start an e-commerce website.

PrestaShop Highlights

  1. Best e-commerce CMS.
  2. Free of cost.
  3. More than 3 million downloads.
  4. Gives better SEO rankings and results than others (reportedly).
  5. Awesome marketing features: Coupons, Newsletters, Recently Viewed Products etc.
  6. Huge and massive community.
  7. Superb and simple-to-navigate dashboard.
  8. Easy to track visitors (Analytics).
  9. Over 3500+ modules & premium templates to choose from.


To get the best out of PrestaShop, it’s better to procede towards the PrestaShop Module Marketplace. There are over hundreds of awesome modules to choose from, to make the best of your website. The best part being – most of them are free.

Most of the modules have been developed by certified partners and less by PrestaShop. Basic modules like PayPal and Amazon modules, costs around $270 and $360 respectively. The silver lining here is the easy navigation. The modules are divided across various sections. Modules range from payment securities to advertising.

Getting Started

Getting into PrestaShop is as easy as ABC! It just takes around 2 minutes if you have a good internet connection.

For creating an account in PrestaShop, three things are required: – Name, Email and Status (optional). where you can put more detail about yourself. It’s not mandatory to have an account to download PrestaShop. You can download it even without having an account there.


The admin panel has got many face-lift in the course of history, but what lies today is one of the sleek, superb and simple admin panel. Unlike WordPress panel, where it’s not much fancy and decorated, PrestaShop’s dashboard is awe-inspiring and especially it doesn’t take much time to load.

PrestaShop dashboard

PrestaShop’s admin panel has been named as ‘Back Office’. The panel has been composed of the homepage and a sidebar and top-bar. Like WordPress, the sidebar can be minimized, to give importance to home page. The top-bar is composed of options like messages, registrations, latest orders and much more.

The top-bar also contains ‘Quick Access’. It’s like a shortcut for your homepage and your profile’s settings. Even though it’s loaded with many features and drop-downs at the top-bar, it has been made very carefully and perfectly. So that users can enjoy navigating around the panel.

The left sidebar has got many options that include Catalog, Customers, Orders, Modules, Shipment, Localization and much more.

Coming to the actual home page, you would quickly get a measure of its awesomeness and professionalism. It’s so amazing; you would rather think you are in a sci-fi movie than operating an e-commerce website!

The home page is full of attractive and meaningful graphs and counters, which would help you, understand about your website greatly and formalize a strategy. It is made up of numerous graphs such as orders and profits. It has also got a number of widgets like visitor activity.

The best part is that—you have got option to integrate your panel with Google Analytics. So, you don’t need to move from your website at all! Your panel would be more like the all-in-one workspace. But, what if one doesn’t like a certain widget? Well, it’s even easier. There’s an option around the right-hand corner to add/remove widgets to the panel.


PrestaShop has included various innovative features, one being the Intelligent Merchant KPI, itself. As we said earlier, the home is loaded with useful insights and data to look forward to. If you are one of those folks, who like to work on the basis of facts and figures, then this might be for you.

It displays many facts and figures such as profit margins. These useful stats can be found over various pages and sections. In fact, it has got an entire ‘Stats’ page dedicated to it, so that you get every facts and figures of your blog. You don’t need to do anything to track, it all happens automatically.

The page consists of many features like best customers, best sellers, best vouchers, visitors and much more. PrestaShop has done a great deal of work, by giving you access to every corner of your website. But, the best of all is—’Real Time Net Profit Margin‘. It tracks down your profit in real-time, which is one-of-a-kind plugin. Also, it has got a ‘Forecast’ option, which tells you how your website would perform in the future, based on your stats of past and present.

How to Add a Product

Creating a new product does play an important and vital role in e-commerce websites. Many-a-times, e-commerce building website don’t provide a simple way to add a new product. Luckily, PrestaShop has known this and have even implemented this.

To add a new product, first go to ‘Quick Access’ option on the top-bar.

Navigate to the option ‘New Product’. You would be then taken to a detailed and well-defined product creation page. The page has got many options to describe every bit of your product. It also includes features like image of product, SEO, shipping options and much more.

Also not to forget the fact, that PrestaShop even offers a live preview of the product (before the launch), which is one of the less seen for folks running an e-commerce website. For creating a new product, they do offer many options to choose from.


Shipping is an essential part of e-commerce industry, and PrestaShop has taken care of it very well. For a user to buy a product through your website, you’ll need a merchant or a third-party payment processor account.

First, navigate to ‘Modules’ in the left sidebar. Then, go to payment to view processor settings. PrestaShop integrates with major gateways, including PayPal and Moreover, you can even accept payments either Cash-on-delivery or cheque. For setting up payment processors, here’s PrestaShop’s official guide on it. They even offer over 150 payment providers.


PrestaShop hosts a good online forum for its active 600K members so that they can get their doubts and queries cleared by PrestaShop experts or others quickly. As of official support, they offer a helpline (active over business hours) and an official contact form.

PrestaShop forum

However, I don’t think there’s any need of support, as there are lots of things described over the website and in the forums too. You can even get help from the dashboard itself! A ‘help’ button is located on the right-hand corner. It’s located at every page of PrestaShop. It’s much like Microsoft’s support file on every computer.

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PrestaShop is one of the most awesome, quality-driven and sleek platform. Unlike others’ it relies on facts and figures, and offers every bit of it from around the website.

It has got all the basic features required, which are working in a good way. Along with that, they had provided users with some innovative features as well. Features like Intelligent Merchant KPI, Real Time Net Profit Margins, and Forecasted Data make it stand out of the competition. The graphs and counters work in an effective way to increase one’s productive time. PrestaShop is surely one of the bigwigs of the e-commerce building industry.

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