14 Best Content Sharing WordPress Themes & Clones

Sharing is a great virtue, and no other period could have been better than the present times to promote and propagate this virtue. The internet is continually improving, and more and more people and places are coming within its ambit. Thanks to smart phones, the internet is more accessible and widespread. So, this means sharing is also at an all-time high, and you can witness the boom at social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. These are pioneers in the field of sharing and quite large networks. If you too aspire to build your community or front-end submission site, then content sharing WordPress themes are ready to help you.

With these themes, you will not need to do any brainstorming and get your hands dirty with coding. These templates are preloaded with necessary modules, and you are only supposed to get them installed and post content. Yes, it is that easy. Once done with this procedure, you are all set to showcase and share. So, let us take a look at 15 such themes that have been collected from different places. All of them are very advanced and at the cutting edge of the content sharing in cyberspace.

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WordPress Content Sharing Themes


Aruna Retina Content Sharing WordPress theme
Demo & Download

Bookmarking system is the USP of Aruna and also makes it distinct from others. Your readers and users can save their favorite articles to view later. This premium theme gives sharing a new definition, and you can share your content in a jiffy and be sure it will reach out to the parties for whom it is intended. This responsive, retina-ready theme is based on HTML5, CSS3 and your users can post and upload content without any difficulty. You will find Aruna to be very easygoing and efficient.


Cube Front-end Multimedia Publishing theme
Demo & Download

This is one theme that you will enjoy to the hilt. Cube is very cute and classy. It lets you as well as your users publish all kinds of content, including multimedia. It is also friendly with platforms like Vimeo, YouTube and the like. But do not think the model is rampantly free. No, you are in control and the content your users post cannot go live until you approve the same. The template is very well-designed, and its features include 4 homepages, front-end submission system, threaded comments support, Revolution Slider and much more.


FacePress Community Content Sharing
Demo & Download

A right combination of traits from Facebook and WordPress, FacePress is all about ease-of-use and efficiency. This premium template has got Timeline style layout, grid, list view, custom posts, image gallery, etc. Your users can create their profiles quite easily and share content just the way they share things on Facebook. The theme also possesses a neat feature called Human Time through which you can tell users about the time when the post was added. There is a lot more in FacePress, and you will love every bit of it. So, explore it fast.

Fast Forward WordPress Theme

Fast-Forward WordPress Theme
Demo & Download

Sharing content is super easy, super fast and super sweet with Fast Forward. This premium theme is armed with compatible features to help you achieve your aim. Let us talk about some of them. Here, you will get front-end submission that lets users upload posts from the front end. It is also friendly with social media and gives you light-box login along with registration. You will also get the translation facility and thus, your content can be accessed by more people. This template has got many other fantastic features, and they completely serve your needs and requirements.

I love it

I-Love-It Content Sharing WordPress Theme
Demo & Download

Well, this is what you are going to say when you work with I Love It. It is very smart and loaded with every necessary feature that will make sharing and posting a cakewalk. There is featured posts section with vote visibility that increases your credibility and readability. The front-end submission, user profile page give users enough options to write and communicate with you. There is also post formats support, background images, logo, fonts that means you can style your site in your way. Already loving it? Well, go ahead and bring it soon.

Me Gusta

Me-Gusta User driven WordPress Theme
Demo & Download

A user-friendly and content-friendly theme, Me Gusta is one template you would like to possess. It packages and puts your content into the hot category so as to increase the interest of readers. There is a love feature that is equal to like and front-end submission for posting content. You will also find Human Time and get to know when the post was added. But this is not all, Me Gusta is much more and this much more is interesting and useful. Do check it out.


PressGrid Front-end publishing
Demo & Download

Front-end publishing and integration with social media platforms like SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. are the excellent features of PressGrid. This theme lets you bring the best out of your users as the platform is very smooth, and all the interested parties can register and upload content in no time. The admin panel is very detailed and simple to operate. You will have full control over your web platform and manage things in simple clicks. SEO optimization is also a very prime characteristic of this template as it uses and follows the best standards. So, get set to enjoy high-ranking and dynamic credibility.

El Toro

Demo & Download

This is one content sharing WordPress theme that can also work as a portfolio site. EI Toro is minimal, mobile friendly and magnetic. You get various options to style your site in your way. All the necessary features such as front-end submission, built-in login/registration, user profile page, etc. are present here. There is also a powerful backend from where you can keep hold of all the happenings. What is more, you can enjoy all these attributes at a very cost-effective price.


Demo & Download

Just like the sharp weapon, Harpoon is a firm and crisp content sharing WordPress template with all the modern features. It offers you multiple layouts, user profile page, front-end submission, sidebars, widgets, social media readiness and much more. You can get going right after the installation and build a fresh community that loves to share. You will find the template very easy to operate, and the contributors can also connect with you in simple steps. Harpoon is truly a template worth possessing, and you will have a very smooth sailing with it.

WordPress Clone Themes


Demo & Download

Loaded with front-end submit form, integrated social sharing, clean layout, 6 advertisement areas, responsive design and other features; Ultrahumor is a very cool content sharing theme. It is unique in that the theme gives you 4 options to create a site on the lines of 9GAG, Imgur, Vine and DamnLOL. You will also get the option for easy commenting, and your readers do not need to refresh the page to put in their feedback. So, you can see for yourself that Utrahumor lets you achieve twin objectives share your content and earn enough money. Now this is a great offer, and you should not ignore it in any way.

College Humor Clone

College Humor Clone WordPress theme
Demo & Download

This is a theme that derives inspiration from the popular comedy website CollegeHumor. HumanHumor is very content friendly and also easygoing with users. You can post your content, share the information/knowledge and build a vibrant community around your web platform. The template is loaded with requisite features, and there is also full-time support, ever ready to help you overcome the hiccups. All in all, Human humor is very capable and can get you to your goal in record time. Do not believe us? Use it, and you will feel the same.


Demo & Download

Designed on the lines of DamnLOL, WPLOL is a groovy theme with ultimate features. It has got responsive design, powerful slider, ads compatibility, front-end submission, keyboard shortcuts and lots more. The theme is also translatable, and its functionality can be extended. And all this will happen in a smooth and free-flowing manner, without disturbing your rhythm. Want to check out? Take the demo. All your doubts will fly away.

Upworthy Clone

Upworthy Clone theme
Demo & Download

With simplicity and strength packed together, Upworthy is a theme, all user driver sites would be proud to possess. It can make your content reach out to maximum eyeballs without asking you to make extra efforts. The theme is also mobile friendly, ads ready and simple to manage. You will have everything within your ambit and can easily customize the template to suit your needs. To put it in a single sentence, Upworthy is a worthy theme that you.

9Gag Clone WordPress Theme

9GAG website Clone Script
Demo & Download

Inspired from 9GAG, WPGAG is a theme that gets ready to perform in minutes. It is loaded with built-in front-end submission, AJAX user registration/login, profile and following module, easy social sharing and lots more. All the stakeholders will find it very smooth and friendly. You will be the director in the real sense, and the users will enjoy the show thoroughly. So, take hold of the template and bring it at your backend. Good things should not be kept waiting.

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