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4 Compelling Reasons Why Your Business Website Should Have a Blog

As a business owner in the twenty-first century, you probably recognize the necessity of establishing an online presence. You probably have a business website, and you may also have a Facebook Page, profiles on LinkedIn and Google+ and even Pinterest boards. However, unless you are a professional writer or employ writers on your staff, you may or may not have considered including a blog on your business website. However, if you don’t already have a blog, it’s worth the effort to create and maintain one. The potential dividends your business can gain make the time and effort involved in maintaining your own blog – or the expense of hiring a professional blogger – well worthwhile.

Organic Search Enhancement

A blog can enhance your company’s search engine rankings through white hat search engine optimization techniques such as logical keywords and Meta tags. In addition, high quality blog content that is regularly updated and which generates thoughtful comments is also favored by search engine administrators. Even if your company’s main business is conducted through a brick and mortar store, the increased traffic a blog can generate for your business website can generate sales. If visitors gain a positive impression for your website, your physical store will almost surely benefit. Of course, if your company’s business is largely or totally conducted online, increased traffic to your website often translates directly into increased sales.

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Added Credibility

In a competitive market, if you can establish your business as a leader. Producing high quality products or services is essential, of course. However, a blog provides the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise as a subject matter expert. For example, if you sell custom made furniture, a blog describing the construction and materials you use in building your furniture is a natural. A blog is also an ideal platform for companies to announce product and service innovations and improvements.

Why Your Business Website Should Have a Blog

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Getting a customer to make a purchase is great. Cultivating that customer so that he or she provides repeat business is better. Inspiring a level of loyalty in that repeat customer so that he or she recommends your product or service to others is priceless. Establishing and maintaining a business blog, especially if comments from readers are allowed, is an excellent strategy for generating customer engagement and loyalty. A blog helps your business seem approachable, which can allow it to stand out from stiff competition. A blog also provides an avenue for improved customer service. Consistently negative comments about a particular area inform you of the need to act proactively to correct the problem rather than wonder why your customer base is shrinking.

Gaining Maximum ROI From Your Business Blog

Establishing and maintaining a blog is neither difficult nor expensive. The only absolute requirements are obtaining a domain, choosing a hosting site and generating or curating content, all of which can be accomplished with minimal financial outlay. However, the expense involved with hiring a website designer and one or more bloggers to produce a professional looking blog with high quality content is a wise investment, especially for larger companies.

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