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12 Factors For Selecting A Perfect WordPress Theme

Theme selection does not seem to be a difficult task at first glance. Although there are so many lovely templates available in the marketplaces; the problem arises when you have to pick one out of the vast theme collection. Every theme may look great on your eyes but if you look carefully, you will notice […]

12 Important Settings After Installing WordPress

As a standalone software, WordPress is an amazing Content Management System. However, even though the WordPress Core software is pretty great, it’s more like a stock model car with a V6 engine than a heavy-duty race car with a revving HEMI under the hood. Is there a way to take your WordPress install from V6 […]

How to Reduce Bounce Rate of WordPress Website

As a blogger, we want all thing as maximum as possible—Visits, Unique Visitors, Page Views to name a few. However, there’s one feature that every blogger wants to minimize it, as much as he/she can. Keeping it low, might inversely increase your traffic. From newbies to top professionals, everyone is toiling hard to beat this. […]

Reviving Older Blog Post Was Never So Damn Easy!

Most of the WordPress site owners running big sites use either Hootsuite or BufferApp to post their new and old content to all social profiles. They do so only to ease out the posting process over social accounts. Even our team uses BufferApp to share links on all social profiles so that we don’t have to […]

Top 6 Reasons To Use WordPress For Small Business Website

If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably wondering if using WordPress for your small business website is a good idea or not. The short answer is that it is a very good idea. Below is a list of some of the features and benefits of choosing WP as you content management system (CMS) for […]

Top 6 WordPress Apps That You Must Use

Writing blog posts on your smartphone isn’t exactly the preferred way for a blogger to spend their time, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great apps that can help a WordPress blogger be more productive, regardless of what kind of device they’re using. WordPress is the most widely used blogging platform available, thanks to […]