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Imonomy Generates Free Images To Match Your Content

Finding free images online challenges many bloggers around the world. A large amount of internet publishers have already lost hope waiting for a free service that will automatically add images to web pages. Some blogs have tried to manually insert copyright-free images into each and every post, but this tactic is time consuming and often […]

What to Do When Someone Steals Your Blog Post?

The internet is filled with people that love to benefit from other people’s work, and unfortunately, that will never stop. Search engines are attempting to try and stop this practice by punishing duplicate content, but not only does it hurt the thief, it can also hurt us. So to help us all ensure our content […]

How to Effectively Market Your Business Online

Although traditional marketing is still as effective today as it was years ago, business owners have to consider using the internet for promoting their business. As more consumers now rely on the internet for anything from finding information to shopping, it pays to have a strategy for reaching your target market online. Promoting your business online can provide […]

How To Protect Your Business From Online Scams

Each year, a lot of people and businesses have become victims to online scams or online frauds. Somehow, technology has become scammers’ aids and tools in fooling people. If you own a business, make sure to adopt the right security measures, as well as ideas, on how to protect yourself and your business. There are […]

How To Promote Your Business Offline – 6 Simple Ways

Marketing your website or blog is extremely crucial to building a long term success. Most people stay happy waiting for organic growth to happen via search engines. Others, who dare spending money to get the word out often do that online through services like Adwords and Facebook Marketing. While it makes sense spending money online […]

25 High Quality Free Scary Fonts To Download

Typography is one of the most important element in design industry whether it’s used in web design or printed templates. The best combination of fonts possesses the power to turn any dull message into something special. UrbanFonts, is one such reputed font directory that features a huge collection of free fonts updated on regular basis. The […]

How People Read Your Website? An Eye Tracking Report

Ever since the dawn of the Internet, people have sought different ways to make use of this revolutionary technology that has managed to completely change the world of communication and the way business is conducted. Nowadays, anyone with a computer can set up their own website and run their own online business, from the privacy […]

6 Factors Before Launching An Online Store

If you are setting up an online store, of course you want to design a site that entices potential customers to browse, buy, and come back. However, as Business Computing World points out, one poor decision regarding your online store could spell disaster. Every aspect of the site, from domain name to design to payment […]