5 Mistakes I Made As A New Blogger

Blogging is really fun, lively, enjoyable and entertaining but only when you know what exactly you are doing, where are you heading and what you want to achieve.

I took blogging along with my freelance web development career around 10 months back. I was deeply impressed by the many pro bloggers and their monthly income reports that I thought blogging is one of the most easiest way to get quick rich. Of course, later I realized that I was extremely wrong but at that time my soul was already buried into blogging.
And if you too think blogging is really easy, mind you – It’s Not. Blogging requires constant efforts, patience, money, time and some sacrifices too.

Even today, I am not any blogging expert but experienced enough to tell you and suggest you some of the mistakes that I made in my past as a blogger, that you should avoid with an urgent note when starting a new blog.

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1. Started On Sub-domain

This is one of the most severe mistakes that I committed when I started blogging. I kept on blogging on my company’s sub domain for 4 months. Later I realized that there are so many problems associated with sub domains like very less ad offers and most importantly less Search Rankings. So after realizing my mistake after a long time I moved my blog to a new domain and in this process I almost lost all my rankings and my blog Page Rank back to zero.

My advice for you – If you are starting a new blog, be smart. Avoid sub domains. Buy a good top level domain for yourself. Not only domain but choosing the best host is very crucial for your blog to grow. Here are 3 best hosting companies that you should choose:

2. Obsessed With Design

blogging mistakesI am so obsessed with the new designs and themes that till now I have changed my WordPress theme almost 8 times in last 10 months.

For your knowledge, yes a theme change does impact Search rankings. With theme change, there are many possibilities that many of your existing theme functions might not work in a new theme, many Plugins may cause an error, many pages might show 404 errors.

So it is really important to stick to 1 good theme for a long time.

My advice for you – Buy a good theme related to your blog niche from a reputed WordPress Theme shop and stick to it for a long time. Don’t just keep on changing new themes every month. It will badly impact your Search ranking and readers.

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3. Multi Niche Blog

I don’t know if this was my mistake or not but I have found many single niche blogs much successful with more readers and subscribers than any other multi niche blog. Although I am still sticking to continue my blog as a multiple niche, I suggest you to avoid multiple niche.

My advice for you – Avoid multiple niche until and unless you know which niches you should consider and which you should avoid. Although multiple niche does offer broad coverage but building loyal readers become way difficult.

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4. Never Interacted With Others

blogging mistakesWell frankly, I am a kind of egoistic guy who loves to talk less. And this is the same mistake that I made with my blog. I made a mistake by not interacting with other bloggers, not replying to the comments of my readers and today I sincerely apologize for this.

My advice for you – Interact as much as you can with other bloggers. Share your thoughts. Listen to their views. Never consider them your rival but take them as your blogging friends. Similarly interact with your readers continuously and effortlessly because ultimately they are the ones who are going to make you successful.

5. Money Spoiled Me

blogging mistakesWell, I am not a rich guy who owns Ferrari. So please don’t blame me on this. When I earned my first $10 via banner ad, I was so overhead by the money that I thought putting more links, more banners will generate even more money for me quickly and easily without realizing the fact that there is still a long way for me to build trust with my readers. If you are also money minded, I would suggest you to change your plans right away, right now.

My advice for you – Write for the readers to build trust first, not for money or search engines. Remove the money tag from your mind. Once you build trust, the money will come to you eventually.

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If you are a new blogger, do let me know what mistakes you made and what you did to overcome them?

10 thoughts on “5 Mistakes I Made As A New Blogger”

  1. Great advice here. I’ve made some of the same mistakes. Fortunately, although I didn’t know it at the time, a friend helped me create my own domain from the start. I played with design for awhile and then realized simple is best. I still get a bit disappointed sometimes that I’m making no money from my blog, but that was never my initial reasoning for starting one and it’s a long, slow process. Although my blog is about writing and writing as a form of therapy, I am a bit guilty of not having a solid niche. I keep working on that, but I have this creative bone that keeps getting in the way.

    I enjoyed your post and I’ll stop by again.

    1. Hi Dan,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Well I guess, you should not feel guilty until you are writing something that you are passionate about.
      I visited your blog earlier and really liked your work. I would only say – Keep the spirits high, you will reach your destiny.

  2. my blogging mistake is i started with Multi Niche Blog but after some time when i know i have to delete some post.. nice post ..

  3. Hey Vijesh,
    That’s great to hear that you have stopped publishing copied and pirated stuff. I guess its the responsibility of us bloggers to learn from your past and provide quality and original content to world.. cheers mate.

  4. Hello Ansh..
    very informative post.As being true I( am currently doing the mistake of multi niche blogging. And second did extra work on my design and theme selection. You never believe that I try More than 30 WP theme within 1 month.. But finally I stuck on one theme and get the clear signal that there is no benefit of switching one theme to another. NIce share Ansh.

  5. Hi Ansh
    a very nice article and helpful for blogges like me who starts blogging.
    I made so many mistakes in my 3 months career of blogging some of them are same as you described here.
    I read so many articles on your blog and found all of them are very nice.
    Thanks for sharing your experience witg us.

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