Top 4 Best WordPress Website Builder Options in 2017

While WordPress is one of the best content management systems to use for building a website, it comes pretty bare out of the box. If you want to build a custom site or customize an existing theme, you can use a WordPress website builder to make the process easier.

To give you an idea of what’s out, here is a breakdown of the most popular WordPress website builder options in 2017.

*The following website builders were listed by popularity. 

1: Beaver Builder

the Beaver Builder logo and motto


Beaver Builder is among the most popular WordPress website builder solutions in the market. It uses a drag and drop functionality with a visual editor to help make the design process easy.

The WordPress website builder comes with some of the best tutorials that you’ll find. One of the big selling points of the builder is the fact that everything is responsive, making it less of a headache to design for mobile users.


It’s very easy to use and is compatible with most WordPress plugins. It has a step by step process where you go from template to layout to get your site set up very quickly.

You then fill your website with the necessary elements (icons, sliders, buttons, etc.) to complete the look. It also has a theme builder which is perfect if you want to sell your designs in digital marketplaces.


This is definitely positioned as a premium WordPress website builder. The standard package costs $99 with the pro being $199. This is more expensive than the other builders out there.

That said, it allows you to use the builder on unlimited sites which is something other builders don’t offer. If you plan on building multiple sites, the price point will more than justify itself.

2: Visual Composer

the visual composer website builder logo


Visual Composer is the best selling WordPress website builder by far, boasting over two million users. As the name suggests, it’s a visual builder based on a drag and drop feature.

The builder also lets you build responsive sites and allows you to really customize the design process due to all the add-ons that can be found for it.


Like Beaver Builder, Visual Composer makes the site design process is fairly simple by presenting templates and layouts. Visual Composer with most WordPress plugins and comes with an incredibly large amount of element options.

This allows you to really customize your pages and build complex sites if you choose to. It even works with existing WordPress themes, so you can grab a theme you like and edit it with the builder. And despite being one of the most popular builders, it only costs $34.


While the $34 is among the lowest price points for a builder of this caliber, you are only limited to a single site license.

If you plan on building multiple sites, you’ll easily be spending hundreds of dollars in the long run. However, the price point is still perfect if you only plan on building one core site.

3: Divi

the Divi WordPress website builder logo


Like the other site builders out there, Divi is a WYSIWYG builder. Divi boats 46 content modules which are more than enough to build a wide range of sites and designs.

It builds your site via responsive design, and the builder offers a library of elements, layouts, and modules to help you achieve your ideal look.


Divi features some of the most beautiful elements and templates you’ll find. That’s due to the fact it was created by Elegant Themes, a company that specialized in high-quality themes before they released this builder.

Divi has a backend editor and a front end editor, allowing you to control the UI design as well as your site design. To top it off, there are many analytics/testing tools to help you get the most out of your website.


It lacks in versatility due to heavy usage of shortcodes. This means that you have to stick to the theme you’ve based your work on. Divi is one of the more expensive builders with the $89 a year fee or $249 for lifetime access.

It’s obvious that the $249 option is the way to go. The upside of this is that you get access to their growing library of themes, plugins and get unlimited website usage.

4: Themify

the Themify website builder logo


Themify Builder is another strong contender as a drag and drop builder. It comes with over 40 existing layouts and has a really handy layout builder that’s easy to use.

Another surprising feature that you’ll find in Themify is access to over 60 animation effects. Best of all, they have a lite version that you can play around for free.


Themify is another solid builder that allows you design for both the frontend and backend. The builder comes with multi-site support, is SEO friendly and has a cache system for faster loading. Importing and exporting with Themify is a breeze.

It’s also one of the most affordable options at $39 for the plugin and $59 for the plugin with add-ons.


Themify has a bit of a steeper learning curve than the other site builders. It comes with fewer modules, templates, and layouts compared to the other builders. However, most users will have no problem building a great looking site without all the extra options.

Summing It Up

Those are the best WordPress website builder options to consider in 2017. All of these WordPress builders have received top marks from most review sites.

The biggest differences usually lie in the amount of options (elements, content modules, layouts, templates, add-ons) that are available and the pricing structure. You’ll have to make a decision based on these factors, but you won’t go wrong with any of these choices.

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