12 Best WordPress Theme Frameworks of 2015

WordPress has evolved greatly over the years (and still evolving). It has grown almost in every horizon; be it security, theme-ing, usability or anything else. Building a WordPress blog in 2004 was not as easy as creating a WordPress blog in 2015. Today, anyone can create a blog in a matter of seconds without much haste and efforts.

Even WordPress theme development has developed considerably over the years. Building a WordPress theme now is easier than making one in a decade before. Thanks to WordPress Theme Frameworks, which are the reason many people are going for WordPress over others CMS platforms.

What is a Theme Framework?

A WordPress theme framework provides a platform for the child themes development. The use of these frameworks reduces the work of creating the base of your theme. These frameworks removes the tedious process of writing the same repeating code again and again. They are also packed with some basic features and can be coded down to develop different type of themes for different niches like magazine, e-commerce, membership or even an App theme.

So here we are with some few hand-picked and best WordPress Theme Frameworks that will surely blow your mind (and you will love it too!).


Genesis Framework Download

When it comes to frameworks, most developers prefer to go for Genesis. Backed from guys over StudioPress, it is awesome in almost every department. In fact, many people considered it as a standard theme for WordPress. Many of the famous blogs such as CopyBlogger and ProBlogger.net are using this awesome framework.

Genesis framework is so popular that many developers build their own Genesis child themes for making money. In fact, developers are earning tens of thousands dollars per month. Apart from that, Genesis has got a helpful, supportive and active developer community and forum where you can clear off your doubts whenever you get stuck.

The framework is quite flexible, and you can play around and modify each element, even if you are not a developer.
Price – $59.95
Download Genesis Framework


Headway theme framework

If you are someone who have no knowledge in programming and yet want to build and to appeal and attractive theme, then Headway is what you need! Unlike Genesis, it is a drag and drop framework. That means you can change every element of your themes such as layout and colors by just drag and drop.

With Headway, you can create any layout such as one-column, two-column, and three-column. After finalizing the design, you can style it up with Design Editor. The design editor helps to control every nook and corner of your child theme. Headway is up-to-date with latest CSS3 and HTML5 standard and provides time-to-time update. It also features responsive grid, so all of your child themes would be responsive. You do not have to worry about how it will look in different platforms and devices.

If you want to build an excellent theme and want to control every bit of an element without coding, then Headway is your one-stop solution.
Price – $59
Download Headway

Thesis 2.0

Thesis WordPress framework

Thesis is one of the reputed WordPress Frameworks. Unlike others, where design was one of the essential features, Thesis focuses on SEO. However, with the coming of Thesis 2.0, many new features have been added to it. Thesis is divided into three parts: –

  • Boxes – Boxes are like the widgets. You have got many boxes that add up to the functionality of your WordPress blog. There are many helpful boxes such as social sharing buttons, note, email sign-ups and more. For this, you do not have to code. All you need to do is just point and drop with the help of Visual Template Designer.
  • Skin – These are different designs that you can add up to Thesis. With the help of Visual Template Designer, you can easily tweak it out.
  • Site tools – Site tools help you to optimize your site for various purposes like Google Authorship and Schema markup. It might take some to get well-acquainted with Thesis, but once you do, you will love it a lot. It has lots of powerful tools in its arsenal to create an impressive website. It is much like headway with easy-to-use functionality and SEO-centric so that your blog ranks higher in search engines.

Price – $87
Download Thesis

Cherry Framework

Cherry Framework

Cherry Framework is a WordPress theme framework developed by one of the most reputed Website Template Marketplaces – “ThemeMonster“. Every theme builder is well-acquainted with ThemeMonster. Cherry Framework follows the parent-child theme relation and has got over 300 child themes in its arsenal!

Upon installing the parent theme, you have to download a plugin called “Cherry Options”. After installing the plugin, you would get one of the most powerful WordPress control panel at your dashboard. You can customize and control every nook and corner of your theme. You can add sliders, upload logo and favicon, control the navigation system, portfolio, blog and much more directly from the control panel. It is complete responsive, has been blessed with tons of amazing shortcodes and attractive fonts.
Price – Free
Download Cherry Framework

Gantry Framework

Gantry WordPress Theme Framework

Gantry framework is developed by known theme Development Company called “RocketTheme”. Amazingly, they created this framework for both WordPress and Joomla. The Gantry Framework consists of Gantry Themes and Gantry Plugins. They are packed together and are called as “RocketLauncher“.

Gantry comes with lots of options in the Dashboard, which gives you plethora of options to control your theme. It has got some innovative and smart options such as Gizmos Tab and iPhone Tab which helps you to manage your website, and how it looks on iPhone and lot more.
Price – Free
Download Gantry

Elegant Themes

Elegant themes

It is widely considered the real, worthy framework of its price. For 69$ per annum, you get access to 85+ beautiful and premium themes along with lots of plugins. All the themes and plugins are equally helpful. Alongside, you get an excellent support forum where you can remove your doubts.

The control panel is useful and helpful; you can control almost every bit of your blog from there. The plugins of elegant themes can be used with any other WordPress theme, irrespective of the framework. So, in case in the future you do not want the theme anymore but need the plugin, it would help you a lot.
Price – $69
Download Elegant Themes


Themify Best WordPress Framework

Unlike other frameworks in this list, Themify is an integrated framework. This means that in order to use any child theme within Themify framework, you have to use themes from Themify. These child themes are developed by the developers of Themify itself. This might look like a drawback, but on the positive front, at only $79 you can use all the themes developed by Themify.

You can control almost every bit of the template through drag and drop. You can put galleries, sliders and much more with the help of drag and drop. Same applies to widgets too; you can add widgets of 3rd party developer or custom ones developed by you. You can use various type of layout, and since they are powered by grid layout that ensures that your theme is responsive.

Themify also comes packed with many widgets and shortcodes for inserting diverse elements into your posts, sidebar, almost everywhere over the page. Also, it has got an amazing feature of importing settings from one website to another, which helps one to save lots of time.
Price – $79
Get Themify



Ultimatum is packed with every awesome feature to make your theme look prettier and impressive. It offers many innovative features which none of the other (in the list) provides. Some of these features are – awesome form builder, WooCommerce integration, and the wide variety of sliders to embed in homepage or a particular page.

The standout feature is the Visual Composer, which uses the drag-and-drop feature. You can create layouts for specific posts or pages, to display information in an innovative way. With the theme builder, you can create your theme or import any other theme.

It also features a custom post type creator which gives you the power to create post types and custom taxonomies so you can bring together content more effectively. It also offers a choice for integration with Google Fonts and also a wide variety of icons to give your blog an impressive design.
Price – $65
Get Ultimatum

Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap 3 WordPress Framework Theme

The best part about bootstrap 3 is that it is completely FREE! Bootstrap 3 is packed with many remarkable features; it contains different HTML5 and CSS based beautiful templates, form-building, attractive buttons, various navigation options and many JavaScipt-based extensions to increase the functionality of your website.

Even, though it works on every device, there is an amazing feature which makes the necessary information of the website available for all the incompatible devices too. You do not have to worry about how your theme will look around various devices as it is completely responsive as well. It is also open-source, meaning every developer can work on it and can make their contributions towards it.
Price – Free
Download Bootstrap 3



WooThemes is considered one of the most-popular providers of amazing and premium themes. As WooCommerce is the developer behind WooThemes, they have included many helpful and superb options so that you get full control of your theme. WooThemes provides tons of quality child themes for various niches such as technology, sports, cooking and more.

Every theme developed by WooThemes works on a solid Woo Framework. You can control every bit of your blog without coding. You can upload logos and favicons; change the background image, primary color, style your sidebar and footer straight from the dashboard. The best part is their remarkable support which you can use to clear your doubts and queries through their members-only forum.
Price – $99
Download WooThemes


Appthemes WordPress Frameworks

Appthemes not only offers you a framework to create high quality App themes, but also an established marketplace to sell your child themes and plugins. A single theme would costs you around $99 with access to unlimited and amazing features.

You can use Appthemes to create any kind of application themes including Job themes, Coupon themes, Directory themes or even Marketplace themes. Creating a child theme over the Appthemes framework will require much code editing and is advised for experienced developers only.
Price – $99
Get Appthemes

Templatic Directory Framework

Directory WordPress Theme Frameworks

There is no doubt that Templatic Directory Framework is the most-selling framework for setting up directory websites quickly. It is also the best choice if you want to create a directory child theme.

At the same time, it is complicated and it could be difficult for any user to customize the codes of this framework and create a new theme over it. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to choose directory framework for your new theme development only if you have strong coding skills.
Price – $99
Get Directory Framework

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  1. Very cool list and interesting to see choices like Elegant Themes on the list alongside the normal pack (Genesis, Headway). I would like to add that if you want to take ANY of these theme frameworks and add smart content displays of WooCommerce, Custom Fields, Blog posts, Pages, etc. a good overall solution is the Conductor plugin: http://conductorplugin.com/

    Good article!

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