15 Best WordPress Security Plugins For 2015

WordPress security plugins

WordPress itself is very secure, and it is getting improved every day. That is one of the unique specialties of this widely used framework. However, we can’t depend on WordPress only to secure our websites. When it comes to making the sites secure, we have some duties too. That is where WordPress security plugins make their entrance. These plugins can help you in tracking and improving the overall security status of your website.

In today’s post, we will discuss 15 best WordPress security plugins.

Best WordPress Security Plugins

1. Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is an excellent, free security and performance optimization plugin for WordPress. By scanning the source code of your website and comparing it against the official repository, Wordfence Security helps you to identify if your site is already infected. Being powered by Falcon Engine, the plugin can reduce the database and server disk activity too. Real-time blocking is another very useful feature of the plugin. Wordfence keeps a central database of attackers and blocks them in all websites that use this plugin. Other notable features include two-factor authentication, multiple caching methods, enforcing strong passwords, tracking file changes, monitoring traffic, etc.

2. iThemes Security

iThemes Security plugin

iThemes Security is another very popular security plugin for WordPress. The plugin takes care of common WordPress issues, strengthens user credentials and prevents automated attacks. While most of the issues could be taken care of by a single click, there are advanced features available for more experienced users. By using the plugin, you will be able to hide your dashboard, admin, and login pages. It is also possible to remove any account with the name of ‘admin’ or with the user ID of 1, change the default database prefix (which is WP) and update the name of ‘wp-content’ directory. The plugin will continually monitor your website for unusual activities and keeps you updated.

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3. BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security is a simple but robust surveillance plugin. It comes with a useful one click setup method, which takes care of many common issues of WordPress at once. Unlike other security plugins, BulletProof Security follows an Action Approach. Along with keeping your website safe from spammers, hackers, and other potential abusers, this approach also optimizes your site performance. With five email alert options, the plugin lets you customize the alerts so that you don’t get bombarded with the notification emails. It is also possible to put the website in maintenance mode. In that manner, the site will not be shown to ordinary visitors but will remain fully visible to you.

4. Limit Login Attempts

Unlike most other plugins of this post, Limit Login Attempts plugin does one job only. It limits the login attempts per user, and it does the job perfectly. WordPress by default allows unlimited login attempts per user, which poses a huge threat risk for any website. By restricting the number of attempts, it keeps your site safe from brute-force attacks. You can specify the number of attempts for each IP address. You can also display a notification containing the number of remaining attempts or the lockout duration. If you want to white list a particular IP address, there is an option for that too.

5. AntiVirus

AntiVirus is a popular WordPress security plugin for protecting your website against spam injections, possible exploits, malware, etc. This plugin will run daily scans on your site and will provide you with email notifications about its findings. The plugin checks the theme templates and the database tables too. It will also help you in cleaning up your website after uninstalling other plugins. While virus alerts will be shown in the admin bar, it is possible to white list any false entries. AntiVirus also allows you to enable Google Safe Browsing in order to prevent phishing and malware.

6. All In One WP Security & Firewall

All In One WP Security & Firewall could be very useful in enhancing the overall insurance of your WordPress website. Developed by experts, the plugin is very simple and straightforward. You can quickly choose the safety and firewall rules from the three available categories – basic, intermediate and advanced. Besides checking your web site for any potential vulnerability, it will also inform you about the latest security updates about WordPress. Based on the security practices you have applied, the plugin will provide you with a grading point. And it has all the regular features like removing any account with the name of admin, providing security for login, the database, and the file system.

7. Acunetix WP Security

Acunetix WP Security plugin

Acunetix WP Security comes with numerous surveillance options in a comprehensive package. It will help you in securing the database, protect the admin area, check file permissions, hide the WordPress version, etc. The multi-site supported plugin will look for vulnerabilities in your website and will inform you if anything unusual happens. It lets you create a complete backup of your database so that you can restore your site quickly. Besides, the plugin could also be used to hide error messages from the login page, hide update information about the platform, themes and plugins from non-admin users, etc.

8. Exploit Scanner

If you think your website has a problem or if you just want to check whether there are any undetected weak points in your site, this is the plugin for you. Exploit Scanner will search for any suspicious content in the database, all the files, posts, pages and comments of your website. The recent trend of the hackers is to disguise malicious files as images and include them with plugins. Exploit Scanner will keep you safe from this threat by checking the plugins for any unusual file. It is possible to search in specific locations too. If something unusual is found, it notifies the admins about the incident(s) immediately.

9. SucuriSecurity

While Sucuri is a trusted name when it comes to web surveillance, its WordPress plugin has to compete with other competent ones. This free plugin is designed to complement your existing security practices. By actively monitoring your website, the plugin will allow you to keep track of your website’s activities. As the detailed logs are saved in the Sucuri cloud, you can access them from anywhere in the world. The plugin will continuously monitor the files of your website and compare them against the original files. By combining several blacklist engines including Norton, AVG, ESET, Google Safe Browsing, Yandex, Bitdefender etc., Sucuri Security has made its scan process very powerful.

10. Theme Authenticity Checker

As the name suggests, Theme Authenticity Checker (TAC) checks each theme of your WordPress website to find out any malicious code or potential backdoors. Whenever TAC finds any such incidents, it will provide a detailed report with the theme path, line number and a small preview of the suspicious code. However, not every finding is a potential pitfall, and you should not delete the relevant code block immediately. Instead, you should contact the theme author about the suspicious code block. TAC lets you determine whether the theme you are using is safe and whether it needs a cleanup or not.

11. WordPress HTTPS

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution to use SSL in your WordPress-powered websites? If yes, WordPress HTTPS is the answer for you. By using this plugin, you will be able to implement HTTPS protocol on your site. Once the plugin is installed and activated, you will find a new menu item titled ‘HTTPS’ in your admin dashboard. WordPress HTTPS also allows you to apply SSL on selected areas like the admin area, the login section, and specific pages or posts. To do that, you have to enable ‘Force SSL Exclusively’ and then specify the sections.

12. Anti-Malware and Brute-Force by ELI

Anti-Malware security plugin helps you in finding malware, potential threats and other vulnerabilities in your WordPress website and the server.

By going to Anti-Malware -> Run Quick Scan, you can perform a quick scan from the dashboard. You can run a more detailed scan from the Settings section. It is possible to customize the scan too. If you register the plugin, you will get added benefits like access to latest threat definitions, patches for the vulnerabilities, automatic removal of threats, etc.

13. BruteProtect

Brute Protect secure WordPress Plugin

You can guess what BruteProtect does from its name; it protects you from Brute-force attacks. It stores the failed login attempts of every website that uses BruteProtect. Therefore, when you are using this plugin, you are automatically getting access to a worldwide network of users who are sharing suspicious login attempts with you. When a particular IP address makes a lot of failed login attempts within a specified period, BruteProtect automatically blocks that IP throughout its network. Besides working on the security solutions, the plugin works perfectly in multi-site networks too.

14. Clef Two-Factor Authentication

Clef Two-Factor Authentication provides you with a simple two-factor authentication system for your WordPress website. Instead of using boring passwords and one-time codes, this plugin uses beautiful waves for the authentication purpose. As you can use your smartphone as the authenticator device, you won’t need any login key or any USB device. As the private key remains encrypted on your smartphone, it will be completely safe even if there were some problems with your website or the plugin. The plugin will replace the login process for dashboard access; password reset and API access.

15. Login Security Solution

Login Security Solution provides a very easy way of locking down the login feature for your WordPress website. While the plugin allows regular users to login normally, it will automatically prevent dictionary and brute force attacks. It monitors the login attempts and keeps count of the failed attempts too. If a user account does something suspicious, that user is forced to reset his password. The plugin could also be used to force users to change the password after a given period or in times of security issues, all the users could be forced to change their passwords. The plugin comes with a handy maintenance mode too.

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Any Other Top WP Security Plugin?

These were our top picks for the best WordPress security plugins to use in 2015. What do you think, have we missed an obvious one here? And among them, which one do you use or plan to use for your WordPress website? Let us know via your valuable comments below.

7 thoughts on “15 Best WordPress Security Plugins For 2015”

  1. Very good wrap up of security plugins. My only comment is that the list focuses mostly on “wordpress hardenening and protection” plugins. Maybe you might fit in some “WordPress user monitoring” plugins such as WP Security Audit Log.

  2. Can you use all these together or will there be conflicts? I know in the PC realm I shouldn’t use both McAfee and Norton for anti-virus protection.

  3. Has anyone ever heard of WP Site Guardian? It appears to be relatively new as it just hit the market I believe this past week. The plugin is supposed to be really excellent for Word Press security. I was wondering how I could validate the claim. Any ideas?

  4. You should try LCS Security – works really well. My site was under a barrage of failed login attempts and some adware content got injected somehow. This plugin looks like a newcomer, but it really got rid of most hacking attempts and content injection within just a few days after installation. And it’s completely free, no pro version up-sell.

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