5 Best Web Applications For School Management System

One of the noticeable features of today’s web world is its ability to change in negligible time-period. For example, we are not seeing currently what we saw yesterday or a few hours before. Simply saying, we can call current web world as the dynamic web, where everything has the ability to change in no time and hence become worthwhile through the power of freshness.

And, this version of Dynamic Web is known as Web 2.0, where nothing has a static phase. As you can guess, there have been many Web 2.0 websites to enrich the dynamic property of World Wide Web and hence making it worth listening.

Now, in this article, we would explore a few of top Web 2.0 based Web Applications for school management system, which have helped tremendously in the field of education.


web application for school management

Fedena one of the most popular school management software is developed using Ruby on Rails framework. Currently 40,000 plus schools are using Fedena Web App for managing school related activities like courses and batches, user Management, human resources, School calendar, student attendance, finance, timetable, student information, examination, event management, student admission, teacher Login, news management, student/parent Login etc. Fedena has support for extra modules, which can be installed according to users need.

The Fedena web-app is composed of basic things and awesome user interface, which makes it better than other school information system available in market.


open source school management system

Moodle is an acronym for Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, which is being used by thousands of schools and universities for managing their academic activities. Moodle is built with PHP and allowed user to set-up virtual learning environment (VLE) so easily. Moodle provides some typical features like forums, discussions, online quizzes, attendance, courses, wiki, online tutorial submissions and assessments.

This open source school management system offers ample scope for PHP developers to contribute to Moodle Community by creating useful plug-ins and themes, which may help it to extend its functionalities. Already there are thousands of plug-ins and latest themes built with HTML5 and CSS3, which improve the way of accessing Moodle web-app.

One extra feature of Moodle is PDF report generation. One can easily get PDF reports of all the activities like quizzes, assessments, attendances in PDF format in single click. You can easily install Moodle on different platforms like Windows or Linux or Mac, all you need is just a web-server (You may use XAMPP or WAMP).


school management system

Studifi is made for simplifying collaboration of students and converting teaching into a web-based phase. This service is a great online school management system because it gives unique perspectives and versions for each role in an educational institution such as teacher, student and the administrator of this web-based application.

In addition, each of these roles will get its own privileges while using the service. For instance, when it comes to the case of the administrator of the web-app, he/she has many privileges to use such as setting up class, profile setting, creation of different teams of institution etc.

On the other hand, when it comes to the case of teacher, list of features alters because there the instructor can use the platform for different purposes such as correcting student-made notes and works, keeping track of events via calendar, etc.

When it comes to the case of student, he/she can use a feature called Teamup for teaming up with his/her classmates and hence to organize a good combined class. In addition, there are options such as cloud storage and live chat etc. As a whole, this seems to be an awesome place for managing your educational institution and keeping it neat and clean in an unprecedented way.


open source school management system

SchoolTool is an open-source project tool for managing your educational institution. Being an open-source solution, it is a completely free student information system, using which you can implement technology in the way to manage your students as well as faculties.

As you can guess, by using SchoolTool, you can simplify the whole method of keeping track of most of the things in your institution. For instance, you will be able to use demographics for content, attendance and grading, skills and continuous assessment, management of student interventions, calendars, grade books that are made for teachers, worksheet-based management, CanDo – an extra module for skill-based assessment of your students etc.

Viewing all these features together, SchoolTool is something worth checking out and you do not have to spend no money as it comes the family of open source, who made techies love the world ‘Open’. In addition, the service has most of the features than the premium counterparts.

Canvas by Instructure

online school management system

Canvas by Instructure another tool for learning management of your school or college, from the same family of open-source tools, which could possibly change the way you keep institution’s records and other details. The school management system project is something simple but powerful, and it makes use of a clean design as well as a highly intuitive User Interface, which could possibly let all your students use the platform quite wisely.

Along with the management section, through the integration of modern technology, Instructure allows us a lot features such as the social media integration, easy to view organization, etc as well some Web 2.0-based features.

In addition, there is an app store for the service, from which users can download applications according to their interest and requirement. Of course, Canvas will obviously be an awesome platform for your educational institution.

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  1. These five web based applications are the top online school school management system. These five tools cover the entire school administration. Many advanced features available in these software’s.

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