12 Best Twitter Management Tools Used By Social Media Experts

Why Twitter Manager is Important?

Twitter management tools are popular, so popular that thousands of brands and business owners are joining them everyday. The ultimate goal of these tools is to help their clients make more money, save time and increase their productivity, many people or brands that are using them are definitely making the most of their social accounts and that is the reason these tools still exist, these tools provides what the regular twitter account lacks, which are in-depth analytics and organizing contacts.

The official twitter account offers analytics but it is pretty basic and doesn’t provide you much information. However if you are a normal person who just uses Twitter to interact with your friends you might not need a management tool but if you run a website or business it is highly recommended to run your twitter account on a management platform.

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We have compiled a list of most popularly used twitter management tools which can be used for free, they are suitable for any scale businesses, small or big. As these come for free, some services are limited.

Manage Flitter

manage flitter
Probably the best in the list, Manage Flitter is trusted by big brands, it helps you to manage your twitter account effectively, the dashboard has a neat and simple layout where you can choose to display your followers in various sequences, the free account itself comes with many options and definitely it is the best twitter management tool in this list.


hootsuite social sharing tool
HootSuite allows you to manage all your social media profiles from one dashboard. You can create an account or you can sign in with your existing social profiles. In the free plan they have provided support for five social media accounts – twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Foursquare. If you are a bit busy and no time to check each of your profile’s then HootSuite is for you. You can view your feeds from the all of your profiles simultaneously on one screen, not just feeds, HootSuite has much more to it. It is recommended by many big brands as the best social media profile’s manager.



Buffer is no doubt one of the easiest tool to use. It not only allows you to share content on twitter but on all major social platforms. The amazing tool comes with both free and premium account. The basic features include post scheduling, analytics, multiple social accounts and more.


twitonomy twitter management tool
Twitonomy is another managing tool you can go with – if you are not satisfied with the above tools. Getting started is easy, you just need to login to your twitter account and you are ready to go, you will have your dashboard showing your followers, who you are following, mentions and retweets. Everything is organized and easy to use.


Cybranding is a hashtag analytics tool, just enter the hashtag which you would like to analyze and it shows information like total impressions, daily impressions, daily tweets.It is in beta, it offers free and premium plans.


Commun.it categorizes your dashboard into multiple grids which shows top tweets, your new followers, followers who do not follow you and who you should consider following. It has a very easy to use interface, you can view your past activity up to 3 days for free, but to use any features more than that you need to upgrade your plan.


Socialbro offers a 15 day trial for your twitter account, its features include managing your contacts, displays the best time to tweet, analytics, follow and unfollow management and competitor analysis, the premium plans come with even more features which will be best suitable for business accounts.


Topsy is a social search engine, it displays tweet analytics and has a page for social trends. You can search tweets by photos, videos and by influencers (popular accounts).


Twiends helps you to gain more followers, once you sign up with Twiends you can view popular people who you can follow, new people who have just signed up for Twiends, Twiends works on seeds, something like points, which increase when you follow people, to gain more seed you need to follow more people, you can also buy seeds in bulk. When you have lots of seeds you can reward other users by giving them seeds when they follow you.


Tweepi has free plans as well as premium plans, Tweepi is a simple tool that allows you to do stuff in bulk, it allows you to unfollow people in bulk and follow people in bulk. The free account has very limited usage but premium accounts have duration settings, force unfollow, flushing inactive accounts and much more.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another social media management tool which is mostly focused on business users, Spout social aims to help teams work effectively across different social media platforms, prices start at $39, however you can have a 30 day free trial.


crowd booster
Crowdbooster offers a set of social media analytics, it provides suggestions and resources to maximize your online engagement.

Best in the List to Manage Twitter

We personally like to go with Manage Flitter because of its easy and simple to understand dashboard, there are equally good alternatives such as commun.it which also has a very good interface, however if you are into managing multiple social accounts we recommend HootSuite or Bufferapp.

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  1. In the social media channels list, Twitter is categorized on the top due to more traffic and usage. It become very difficult for business to manage Twitter as it has big amount of followers and required to update consistently. The tools for Twitter management discussed by you is big help for business concerns to manage it easily and update status with about the current affairs of your business consistently.

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