Top 10 Best Photography Blogs to Follow if You Consider Creating One of Your Own

Meg opens her laptop, wincing at her chewed-to-the-quick thumbnail as she types “Best Photography Blogs.” She’s really done it. Part of her wants to sell the camera, snatch her keys and dash back to the security of the cubicle, where the constant presence of stale Folgers and whining coworkers at least afforded her a steady paycheck. “C’mon, Google, show me some fabulous photography blogs…”

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If you’ve wondered whether starting a photography blog is worth it, ask Meg. She’s dangling by a dream, searching desperately for someone to guide her to the land of successful professional photography. Why not you? Here’s photo blog inspiration from the ten of the best photography blogs.

Best Photography Blogs: These Photo Blogs Are the Bomb.

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1. Tom Robinson Photography | Simply. Stunning.

If you’re the strong, silent type – of photographer – you’ll love Tom Robinson’s gorgeous blog. With expansive shots filling the screen, readers won’t be overwhelmed by wordy articles. After all, a picture is worth…

Still, reader types can enjoy a concise story thanks to the captions he puts on his blog pictures. They aren’t intrusive, either – they only appear when you hover over the photo. This is one of the best photography blogs to follow, indeed.

2. They Shoot Film: A Photo Collective | International Inspiration

A wealth of travel photography from a collection of master photographers, They Shoot Film: A Photo Collective was started by LA-based Garrick Fujii for other film enthusiasts.

If you eschew the ease of DSLR in favor of a temperamental strip of plastic that constrains your creativity into a couple dozen shots, this site will make you smile.
With over 1500 posts, this site allows you to search by camera type or film type. It’s pretty sweet if you love film.

3. Everything Everywhere | Travel Tips for Pros on the Go

The Everything Everywhere blog is well-named. Since he sold his house in 2007 and hit the road with his camera, Gary Arndt’s built quite a business. His blog features a regular podcast. He offers tips on everything from travel to photo gear.

Be ready for a treasure trove of photography training that will keep you learning for hours, so only visit if you have the time or are seriously disciplined. Due to all its characteristics, we can truly say that this is among the best photography blogs to follow if you want some inspiration boost.

4. Daily Walks | Pictures Outspeak Commentary

The envy-invoking photography on Daily Walks makes the political preachiness and environmental pontification bearable. You’ll be hard-pressed to find more beautiful shots anywhere.

5. Polydactyle | Photoshop Eye Candy

If you’re into camera tricks and editing genius, Polydactyle offers more art than photography, even though every’s through the lens of a camera. While the site isn’t the easiest to navigate, we believe that for artists, the journey will be worth it.

Polydactyle also offers a vibrant community where you can share your photography. If you’ve just been looking for a venue to bounce your work off others in the know, this might be a great option if you don’t have the inclination to create an entire blog, especially if you’re new to photography.

6. Sprouting Photography | Growing Business

The Sprouting Photography blog provides both free and paid training for everything related to making your business profitable. If you’re considering starting a web-based photography course, you’ll want to take careful notes.

Topics include blogging & websites, branding, communication, customer experience, education, efficiency, marketing, pricing, productivity, and more. The site does not have a lot of content. Still, the design is an interesting study in how one could use a photography blog to generate income on its own.

7. In Photos Dot Org | Plain, Good, Inspiration.

This Ireland-based blog is about as simple as it gets. If you’re aiming for a site that allows you to display your work without having to struggle through content creation, give this blog a look-see. Each post is only a few lines long. Therefore, the light-infused pictures say it all.

The site owner, Donncha Ó Caoimh, is a WordPress site developer and offers almost-daily shots under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

8. Stephanie Friedman Photography | Family Photography Inspiration

Looking for just a simple, folksy blog to introduce your clients to yourself and your business? Stephanie Friedman’s cute blog is a well-designed example of a straightforward introduction to what clients can expect, including price, quality, and location.

With her cheerful “About Me” page, clients get a feel whether they’ll work well together. Her header image has storybook written all over it, and it’s a great example for family photographers on how to professionally market their photography without going too technical.

9. Alex Wise Photography | Technique

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to showcase your Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials, this Alex Wise Photography blog offers exceptional technique posts, including extensive before and after “how tos.”

Alex Wise is a self-taught photographer who isn’t shy about sharing what he’s learned. If you suffer from insecurity due to lack of training, this might be a great resource for you. Wise’s photography shows that a lot of practice and the determination to improve yield high dividends.

10. DIY Photography | Multitudes of Counsel

If you’re the ambitious type, you might glean some inspiration from DIY Photography.

This colossus of photography instruction offers expert insight in just about any direction you could need to go, so even if you don’t plan to reinvent the wheel, make sure to take some time to visit this site. Learn how to take perfect portraits with only one overhead light, add to your Lightroom knowledge, or check out their growing forum and make some new snap-happy friends.

So Go Blog Already!

After checking out these top 10 best photography blogs, you’ll be loaded with ideas and inspiration to make your photography blog both instructional and stunning. Have fun passing on the techniques that make you great, and thanks for sharing your beauty with the world.

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