7 Best Free Optin Plugins For WordPress

If you want to get regular visitors to your website or want to spread your awesome newsletter, building an email list through optin forms is a popular way of doing that. Optin form lets you collect email addresses from visitors so that you can send them regular updates about your website. To create effective optin forms, you need unique WordPress plugins. In today’s post, we will discuss 7 best optin plugins for WordPress.

1. MailChimp for WordPress


MailChimp for WordPress is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for adding sign-up forms or check boxes. The plugin allows you to provide a convenient way of building up your MailChimp list. By using this plugin, you will be able to create highly customized sign-up forms for your visitors. The form could be displayed anywhere you want by using the widget, shortcode or the template function.

You can use the plugin in two ways – by creating sign-in forms of by using the check box. The first one is clear, it lets you create forms for subscribing to your newsletter. The check box features allows you to add a special check box in places like the comment box, WooCommerce checkout page, contact form 7 forms etc. When users submit the button/order with the check box checked, they will be subscribed to your newsletter.

Installing and activating the plugin will create a new menu titled ‘MailChimp for WP’ in your website dashboard. In order to use the plugin, you need to authorize it with MailChimp. To do that, go to MailChimp for WP -> MailChimp. Provide your API key and click ‘Save Changes’.

You can set up the form options from MailChimp for WP -> Forms. From that page, you will be able to choose the MailChimp list, add custom fields, provide a custom form markups and define other necessary settings. To configure the check box options, go to MailChimp for WP -> Checkboxes. You will find the custom widget in Appearance -> Widgets.

2. WordPress PopUp


Developed by WPMU Dev, WordPress PopUp is a fully customizable pop-up plugin for WordPress. This plugin will help you in introducing mailing lists, running promotions, showing advertisements, etc. The simple and powerful user interface of the plugin will allow you to create stunning pop-up boxes.

Being fully responsive, the pop-ups will look perfect in any device. WordPress PopUp also supports multi-site network, which means you can create a pop-up and then display it across a network or selected sites.

Once you install and activate the plugin, it will create a new menu item in your dashboard. Go to PopUp -> Add New to add a new pop-up. You will be taken to a page where you can create your pop-up forms. There are separate fields for heading, sub-heading, description, CTA button, etc. You can add an image which will have two alignment options. You can also choose to display the pop-up after a particular period. By using the ‘Displaying Conditions’, you will be able to customize on which situations the pop-up should be displayed.

There is also a Pro version of WordPress PopUp. By purchasing PopUp Pro for $19 per month, you will be able to enjoy premium benefits like using different pop-up styles, choose more display options, apply custom CSS etc.

3. ITRO Popup Plugin


ITRO Popup is a simple and user-friendly WordPress plugin which allows you to fully create customized pop ups forms. The very lightweight plugin also lets you change various settings of the popup forms without messing up with the code. As the plugin comes with age restriction feature, you can easily block certain pop ups until the visitors confirm their age. It is also possible to customize the look of the enter and leave buttons.

After installing and activating the plugin in your website, go to Settings -> ITRO Popup. On that page, you will find out various options which will let you set up the popup message. Each option has a small question mark right after the name. Hovering over the question reveals a short description of the option, which is useful.

You can choose to display the popup in particular pages or all pages. The ‘General Settings’ section lets you choose the duration of the plugin and when the next popup should be displayed. From the ‘Popup Aspect’ section, you can customize the popup box. You can also use a background image for the popup. You can customize the popup content from the text editor located on the right side.

4. PopupAlly


If you are looking for a reliable plugin to build up your email list, you can consider PopupAlly as one of your top choices. The fully customizable plugin helps you to increase subscribers by displaying the popup right before a visitor leaves your site. Exit-intent popups have an unbelievable success rate of more than 300%. With PopupAlly, you can now apply this remarkable technique in your website too.

Once you activate the plugin, it will create a new menu item titled ‘PopupAlly’ in your website dashboard. Go to PopupAlly -> Style Settings to customize the popup message. The plugin comes with a ready-made template for a sign-up form. You can also create your popup boxes. Besides the heading and sub-heading, you can customize the placeholder texts for first name, email and upload your logo.

The plugin lets you create up to two different popup boxes. You will be able to customize both of them in PopupAlly -> Style Settings. To set up where and how to display the popups, head to PopupAlly -> Display Settings. On that page, you will be able to choose when the popups should be displayed, allow exit-intent popup, show the popup in all pages or selected posts and pages, customize popup display frequency and set up the thank you page.

5. Magic Action Box


Magic Action Box is an excellent free WordPress plugin to create and display stunning optin forms, feature boxes or other customized popup boxes in your website. This small but powerful plugin could be a very useful tool for creating highly focused and effective feature boxes within a short period. By offering seamless integration with Gravity Forms, the plugin lets you create powerful, attractive and sophisticated forms for your site.

After installing and activating the plugin, go to Magic Action Box -> New Action Box from your website dashboard. While the free version of the plugin lets you create optin forms and forms with gravity forms, contact form 7, you will need to purchase Magic Action Box Pro to create Sales box and Share box. Each form is provided with lots of customization options along with some ready-made layouts.

In order to create new buttons or customize existing buttons, go to Magic Action Box -> Styles & Buttons. Click on the ‘Buttons’ tab. You will have options to either create custom buttons or create pre-configured buttons. Al the buttons could be customized to a great extent.If you want to create a custom style for your forms, go to Magic Action Box -> Add Style. From that page, you will be able to customize the popup body, heading, sub-heading, elements and other components of the form.

6. Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box


Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box is another popular optin plugin for WordPress. Popup boxes triggered by scroll have been working as a proven strategy for building up the email list for a long time. With this plugin, it is possible to include newsletter signup forms, social bookmarking links, Facebook link or anything else into the scroll-triggered popup box. The scroll triggered optin form is bound to manifold your current conversion rate.

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you will notice a new menu item titled ‘Scrollboxes’. Go to Scrollboxes -> Add New Scroll box to add a new optin form. Provide a title for your form and provide your text in the text editor. Then, in the ‘Pop-up details and customization’ section, you will find all the options to customize your optin form.

The plugin lets you define the triggering action based on scroll, time delay or both. Then, you can choose the placement of the form, hide the form in mobile devices, show on specific pages, categories or tags only. ‘Actions after form submission’ section lets you choose the recipient email address and customize the thank you message. The actual design options of the form are located in the ‘Scrollbox design’ section. Besides selecting from the ready-made templates, you can choose your style by changing the various options.

7. Optin Forms


With Optin Forms, you will be able to create beautiful, effective optin forms within minutes. Creating a form is as simple as choosing a built-in layout, customizing it and publishing it. All of this could be done without having to write a single line of HTML or CSS. The plugin works perfectly with most popular email solutions including MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, MadMini, iContact etc.

After activating the plugin, you will find out a new menu item titled ‘Optin Forms’ in your website dashboard. Clicking on that menu will take you to the settings page of the plugin. The plugin lets you save up to 5 different forms. Select the form from the ‘Form design’ drop-down menu. In the ‘Email Solution’ tab, select your email solution, provide the list ID, Redirect URL and click ‘Save Changes’.

To customize the optin form, go to the ‘Form’ tab. After selecting the form, click the ‘Style Your Form’ section. You will be provided with lots of options to customize the form. The ‘Form Options’ section will allow you to hide the title, subtitle and name field along with a custom CSS field. ‘Form Placement’ will help you in defining where and how the form will be displayed.

Wrapping It Up

All of the above-mentioned optin plugins make it very easy for the readers to subscribe to your newsletter. Let me know which one you like most and why you like it. And if you are already using any of them, don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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