32 Best Google Adense Ready WordPress Themes

Ads are the prime source of revenue for the web world. It would not be wrong to say that ads make the cyberspace go round. If you are a blogger or an entrepreneur with high hopes of making it big in this virtual world, then you must have figured out ways to impress Google AdSense. This fabulous moneymaking tool has given birth to so many millionaires that everyone wants to capitalize on it. It is the most lucrative choice if you are planning to hit the jackpot. And it will become all the more smooth if you go for WordPress Adsense themes.

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These themes possess the right structure that will make your ads clickable. They will offer you every kind of support that is needed to manage the ads banners. As you are aware, the size, placement, and ad have a significant role to play in increasing the CTR i.e. click through rate. It is not very easy to crack the formula to make AdSense wield money, but these templates are certainly more capable of doing this. They do so through layout, traffic, and speed. These three are interrelated, and each is dependent on another for success. Well, you do not need to know the technical intricacies and details. Just check out this collection and get an intro with these 32 amazing AdSense optimized WordPress themes.

WordPress Adsense Themes


Newspaper Adsense theme
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All the online publishers out there do check out Newspaper theme. This premium AdSense optimized template is the best platform to base your blog, news, magazine or review site on. It treats content with great skill and gives enough space to the ads. Not only this, it also makes the audience click on the ads without crying for attention. The template is optimized for speed and style. You will have the best of all worlds in this newspaper.


Codilight magazine theme
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Designed by FameThemes, Codilight is a quick and results-oriented theme that best complements technology, gadgets, games related sites and blogs. Its clean aesthetics coupled with modern features such as responsive design, HTML5/CSS3, cross-browser compatibility, shortcodes generator, etc. will serve your purpose quite well. The WordPress AdSense Theme is very fast and formulated with the future in mind. So, be assured you will always be ahead of your competitors and can easily beat them. And, all this at a fair price and on your terms and conditions. Catch it fast.


Newsmag Adsense Theme
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No other theme will make a writer/blogger feel so much at ease as Newsmag. This content friendly template is an excellent choice for any news, magazine site or blog. Based on standard SEO practices, it also knows the mantra to increase the click-through rate. Your ads will not find it difficult to receive clicks, and you can earn money with a good deal of ease. Just try the demo, and you will get your answers.


Sensational Adsense Optimized WordPress Theme
Demo & Download

AdSense is well aided by Sensational, a truly dynamic theme with great ability to produce dynamic results. It has been optimized for clicks and charms visitors within seconds of their entry. According to MyThemeShop, the brain behind this creation, Sensational can transform the average next-door-girl into this stunning diva who always stands first. Well, the features of the template are so competent and sufficient that the claim seems to be trustworthy. The awesome hovering effects, transition slides, fluid layout, multiple skins, 620+ Google fonts, 12 custom widgets are just some of the many characteristics that inhabit Sensational.


Beandot WordPress Adsense theme
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An Adsense optimized magazine style theme with content friendly layout and responsive design, Beandot can fit with the news, blogs, and different other content-heavy niches. This HTML5/CSS3 ready template has been optimized for SEO and knows the tricks to impress the exacting search engines. It is well-attuned with AdSense as well and thus, maximized for clicks too. All its features are favorable for a modern blogger or site owner, and you can trust it totally.


Braxton Adsense WordPress theme
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A superb Magazine theme, Braxton is beaming with cool features that create the best atmosphere to write and express. You will only have to focus on your words as the theme will take care of every other thing including AdSense. Here, you are offered featured slider on each category page, 600 Google fonts, infinite scrolling, retina display and many more attributes. The best thing is that it performs out of the box that is very time-saving and cost-effective. Do get it and get off to change the world.


gomedia Adsense WordPress themes
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Perfected for magazine sites, personal blogs, community blogs and news sites; GoMedia is that very theme through which you can realize your dream. Its features are fully equipped to handle any type and quantity of content. It is optimized for AdSense and lets you manage the banners to get best returns. You can change the positions quite quickly in the sidebars and in the other spots. GoMedia is completely flexible and allows you full control over the display and functioning of your web platform.


Rexus Adsense Ready WordPress themes
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A well-designed theme for magazine sites, Rexus lets you rest and takes all the responsibility on its shoulders. This template is very content-centric, fully responsive and highly flexible. Its custom page templates and widgets make your work very light and you are good to go soon after bringing it home. You can easily attract the audience and also impress Google AdSense to award you with checks. The ads are surely going to get a good number of clicks that you can easily manage through drag and drop.


nexus WordPress magazine theme
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This is a multipurpose magazine theme carrying all the features that are needed to turn the spotlight on your head. Nexus theme can take any content, in any amount. Its strict grid and typographical hierarchy play host to all the content elements with great devotion. Everything gets enough space, and this includes the ads. The template is an excellent proposition for all those looking forward to capitalizing on the power of AdSense.

Design Blog

Design Blog theme for Adsense
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A dashing Google AdSense theme, DesignBlog brings the best of design and usability at your doors. This premium template features a fully professional layout that can easily adapt to all screen sizes. It offers you 7 different spots to place the ads and mingles them very effectively with the words. This increases the click-through rate and helps you to conquer Google AdSense in simple and straightforward steps. You can have everything styled in your fashion from the easy dashboard.

Magazine Pro

magazine pro ads optimized
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All the online publishers will find Magazine Pro to be a favorable choice. This theme knows the way out to impress readers, search engines and of course, Google AdSense. Its sleek design is well supported by a generous host of competent features. They include 6 layout options, 4 color styles, responsive design, HTML5 and lots more. Magazine Pro is very prepared to take any type of content and does justice to each and every word. The raining revenues courtesy, Google AdSense, are the icing on the cake.


Demo & Download

Developed by InkThemes, BlogSpring is a new-age theme with a very active social media orientation. This premium template is an excellent platform for your news site or blog. It lets the content do all the talking and also manages to impress Google AdSense. It brings in high amount of organic traffic to your platform and makes sure most click the ads. The layout is so fluid and intuitive that content and ads, both get adequate space and attention from the visitors.


SeaShell blog theme
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When experienced developers get together, the result can be nothing but flawless. SeaShell is the creation of collaborative efforts from many expert designers and hence, the theme offers fabulous service. It is meant for blogs of all kinds; right from corporate czars to creative creatures. The template has all the requisite features such as typography, fonts, good speed, secure code, etc. It knows the importance of revenue and hence, creates the right setup for ads to get clicks. You will like its design and performance.


Grimag AD Optimized Magazine
Demo & Download

An SEO optimized theme, Grimag offers a broad range of smart and contemporary features. It is also maximized for ads and gives you many chances to monetize your site in your style. This premium template is fully flexible and provides ample advertisement areas to drive up the click-through rate. You can place the ads at strategic spots and get them to yield money. Everything is super easy.


magazine theme from themify
Demo & Download

A high-octane AdSense WordPress theme, Magazine comes with 3 column design but gives you infinite options to create the layout of your dreams. It offers you 42 pre-build layouts, mobile slide navigation, retina display, mega menus and lots more. It also focuses a great deal on ads and offers you widgetized areas for banner ads. Now this is like giving you entire control over your ads placement, and you can easily use it to make money from Google AdSense. Magazine is more than a WordPress theme; it is a companion for a lifetime.


Valenti Adsense Optimized Template
Demo & Download

Retina display and responsive design are two features that go hand in hand. And Valenti brings both for you to set up your magazine, news or reviews site. It gives your content topmost priority and presents it with great style. The mega menus and beautiful drop down menus further ease navigation and display. With Valenti, your audience will never stop raving about your site and they are sure to click the ads.


directory wordpress themes
Demo & Download

Directories thrive on ads and what could be better than having an AdSense optimized theme to create your directory site. So, check out Directory. It has been established after detailed research and includes inputs from real directory owners. The features give you full support to manage the content and make money from your web platform. It carries 200 preloaded countries and almost 4000 states Directory. It is also well-aligned with the different payment channels and carries geo tracking system so that users can track you easily. Directory is an apt choice in every way that will bring you valuable returns very quickly.


Gameszone Adsense Optimized
Demo & Download

Fresh looks and fabulous features welcome you at Games Zone. This premium template has been designed for game lovers and developers which they can use to power their blog, magazine or e-commerce site. You will get many cool features such as built-in events calendar plugin, multiple sliders, Google fonts and the list goes on. There is also a good deal of space to incorporate the ads, and this is quite in sync with the standards of AdSense. The Google tool is going to appreciate your efforts and reward you adequately.


Resizable WordPress Adsense Theme
Demo & Download

A modern AdSense WordPress magazine theme, Resizable quickly adapts to any screen size and gives you a great start, no matter what the content type. This template is quite well-named as it comes with a fully flexible that is always ready to receive changes from your side. Its ad management module is highly tilted in favor of AdSense. You can position the banner in the most strategic places and keep track of the performance. This lets you make most fruitful changes and gives great results.


Techsavvy Google Adsense Theme
Demo & Download

Though speed and SEO are strong highlights of TechSavvy, it does not fare any less in the AdSense department. It is very advanced in this area as well. This premium template is beneficial for all those who are looking to make a beautiful amount of money through the Google tool. Bug-free and brilliant, the template follows the latest WordPress standards and follows super clean coding. It renders your site in seconds on all types of viewing devices and pushes the traffic to a new high. The increase in traffic is directly related to higher CTR (Click Through Rate) and that in turn, leads to higher revenue.


TrueNews magazine theme
Demo & Download

Easy-to-manage and efficient, TrueNews lets your words travel far and wide. Publicity was never so quick and easy. This premium template caters to the needs of your site very effectively. It carries content friendly approach, fully widgetized homepage, SEO optimized coding, cross-browser compatibility, and many more things. The template is also concerned about revenue and hence, comes with ads optimized setting. You will have full freedom to change the position of the banners and place them at appropriate spots.


Pinstagram Adsense Ready WordPress Theme
Demo & Download

A Pinterest inspired WordPress theme, Pinstagram plays such soothing tunes that all visitors to your site would feel inclined to click the content as well as the ads. The template blends both in a very intelligent manner and never makes the audience feel as though the ads are superimposed. The hallmark grid layout exhibits the content in a very legible style that is a guarantee of super high page views. The features of this template are very up-to-date and efficient. They range from custom widgets like popular posts, subscription form to SEO optimized coding. This is a complete package and one that you will be proud to have by your side.


Demo & Download

A super hit with WordPress users, Sahifa has lunched many news, magazine and content-centric sites on the path of success. This premium template is a bit old but very smart as it has kept pace with time. You will find all the latest features here including an AdSense optimized design. You get a good deal of space to place the ads alongside the content. Both are well represented, and this helps the click-through rate to touch new highs. And the result is groovy revenue from the Google tool.

Adsense Pro Ultimate

Adsense Pro Ultimate
Demo & Download

Adsense Pro Ultimate is a premium WordPress Theme that can quickly turn your visitors into money. The theme is tested for high click through rates and feature rich cPanel. If you are looking for a theme designed for Adsense Publishers, this could be one of your choice.

True Mag

Truemag AdSense Optimized Magazine
Demo & Download

There are very few themes for video magazine sites that do justice to your requirements. True Mag is one such rare theme with lots of useful features and fully flexible layout. It knows the tricks to make way into the hearts of Google AdSense. The template also gives you boxed/comprehensive design and many other cool features. It values you as well as your audience and hence, works hard on giving both a great experience.


SmartMag Adsense WordPress Theme
Demo & Download

Now get set to monetize your magazine site with a groovy theme that is called SmartMag. Indeed, the theme is smart with options to build unique and creative homepages. There is also built-in SEO optimization with rich snippets support that helps to bring more organic traffic. As of AdSense, there is no special mention but the template is so good at engaging the audience that your click-through rate is sure to receive a boost. And if this is possible, how can you not earn money through AdSense?


TrueMag WordPress Theme for Video
Demo & Download

Specially crafted for users in search of AdSense optimized themes, Truemag turns the AdSense tide in your favor. It is very dynamic and versatile with superb ability to fit in with different segments. Its features can be best described as top-notch for they include clean code, CSS3 styles, HTML5, custom sidebar widgets, 140 font icons, shortcodes and much more. The template also supports Google Analytics code, thereby, helping you with easy data analysis. You can use it to implement your ads strategy in a better way.


Jarida Adsense Optimized WordPress Theme
Demo & Download

A feature-rich AdSense optimized WordPress theme, Jarida has been designed for news, magazine sites, and blogs. It offers to be a fine source of income as the template has been optimized for AdSense. But this is not the only best feature of Jarida, it has many more. It is socially active, RTL ready, SEO optimized, responsive and the list can go on. Go through the detailed demo and this theme will reveal its complete side.


Motive AD Optimized Magazine
Demo & Download

Brimming with features from top to bottom, Motive is a very smart Ads optimized theme that has been designed to serve blogs, magazines and news sites. This premium template carries SEO optimized design, 7 basic layouts with unlimited variations, HTML5, CSS3, retina display, multiple listing designs and many other characteristics. It also supports the default Google AdSense smart sizing code that will drive up your click-through rate to great heights. What is more, the template is very affordable. You also get lifetime support and complete documentation.


DizzyMag Review Optimized and AdSense ready
Demo & Download

A must-have AdSense ready WordPress theme for all the people who want to make dollars, DizzyMag is a fabulous choice. This template has got an enormous space to fit in ads and also makes them look fresh on retina devices and smartphones. The audience is going to like the layout and the performance of your site. The ads will steam in gently along with the content, and you can quickly turn them to get the clicks. DizzyMag will do everything. So, do not worry and get started with your site. High results await you in the aisles.


Osage Multi-Use WordPress Template
Demo & Download

A perfect AdSense WordPress theme, Osage has got every little detail that will make your content stand out. It provides you many modern features and supports you in every department. If you want to maximize the power of AdSense, you are in for a great treat. Here, you will find 3 different ad units along with an options panel from where you can operate any and every feature. Also, worth mentioning is the custom-built scoreboard that will help you to build a super sports site.

Max Mag

Max Mag  WP Adsense Template
Demo & Download

Ads work beautifully with Max Mag, a responsive and feature-rich magazine theme. It helps you place the banners at the hot spots and also lets you change them according to the customers’ behavior. You get to present the best of your content on an ideal platform. Either you are a designer or an amateur writer; this template will suit you well. Name, fame and wealth; all three will come to you at a tiny investment price.

Weekly News

Demo & Download

A newly launched News/Magazine theme, Weekly News has got all the features that will help you earn a name, fame, and money in equal measure. It has been designed with search engines and AdSense in mind and carries the potential to impress both. You will get great features to create your web platform, and the template will obey all your commands, without any question. It offers many customization options, and all can be utilized with simple clicks.

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