15 Best Free Screen Recording Softwares 2014

Screen recording is quite important if you are a blogger or internet marketer, who likes to not only earn but also help audience of your blog or YouTube channel. When compared to text-based tutorials, video-based ones are a bit more persuasive for majority. However, despite having a snipping tool (in Windows 8), Windows does not have an in-built tool for screen recording. Don’t worry; here is our list of best free screen recording softwares.

Free Screen Recording Software

1. Screenr

Sometimes, you might not have enough time to install certain software to record screen. Screenr, unlike tools we are going to mention below, is a web-based platform to record screen of your PC or Mac. However, your computer should have JAVA installed in it to work with Screenr. It has a special feature called Public Stream, in which we can make a stream available for public to watch.

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2. Ezvid

Ezvid is yet another effective tool for screen recording purposes, and it boasts in-built engine for text synthesis using text-to-speech engine along with direct video upload. It offers support for Windows XP and later versions including Windows 8. You can get Ezvid without paying single penny. While you are planning to YouTube video marketing, text synthesis feature is quite impressive.

3. Webinaria

Using Webinaria free screen recorder software, you will be able to record in either AVI or FLV. Also, it is combined with one simple-but-effective editor, which will help you insert voice, text etc into that video. In addition, you have options to customize video resolution, frame rate, capture etc. It also supports recording video from your webcam.

image via: Webinaria

4. VSDC Free Video Capture

As its name suggests, VSDC Free Video Capture is a completely free screen recorder for Windows-powered PC. It does not have huge number of features, but it does the job of recording screen very well. You have options to set quality of video as well as to set hotkeys.

image via: VSDC

5. CamStudio

CamStudio is open-source, completely free, software for screen recording. Although standard file format of videos is AVI, you have an option to convert it to SWF, which is relatively bandwidth-friendly. You can also add caption to your videos using this tool.

6. SmartPixel

Using SmartPixel, a completely free video screen capture & video editing tool, you can create superb tutorial videos, game videos, web cam videos etc in matter of seconds. You have options to customize resolution, add video effects and to upload full HD videos to YouTube.

7. Rylstim Screen Recorder

Rylstim is not that rich in terms of features, but it will help you with free screen recording of your Windows PC without facing glitch. You can set some aspects such as preferred video codec, frame rate of recorded video, path to store video. If you have set all these, you can click ‘Start Record’ and you’re done!

image via: Sketchman Studio

8. BB Flashback Express

BB Flashback Express is a minimalistic tool to record videos from your Windows PC screen. You can record videos in AVI or Flash according to your convenience. This tool includes in-built feature for direct upload to YouTube and other platforms as well as recording from your webcam.

image via: Softpedia

9. ScreenCapStudio

ScreenCapStudio is a set of tools meant for creating video-based tutorials, editing and uploading to appropriate sites. The tool offers a sort of guide to video-based affiliate marketing as well. You can download this free screen video recorder suite by paying nothing. Being a free tool, ScreenCapStudio suite is indeed worth a try

10. Jing

Jing is a free screen recorder tool from TechSmith, the same developers of Snagit. However, unlike Snagit, Jing is completely free. You have options to select recording area and to share video after recording process.

11. Capture Fox

Like Screenr, Capture Fox is a web-based tool for screen recording, but we can rather call it a Firefox-based tool for recording screen. You can install Capture Fox plugin in Mozilla Firefox and use it to record screen of device.

image via: iSkysoft

12. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Resembling the case of Screenr, Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder is a web-based tool to record videos from your PC screen. You can use this tool if you have JAVA installed in PC, and it will capture system & microphone sound also.

image via: Softonic

13. Desktop Activity Recorder

Just as name says, Desktop Activity Recorder helps you record what is happening in your desktop screen. You can do this in two formats – AVI or Flash. Though it does not have extensive editing features, ability to include recording via microphone is worth noting.

14. KRUT

KRUT is a JAVA-based screen-recording tool, which is very rich in terms of customization. You can customize different aspects of output video using KRUT. Though it may look a bit heavy, KRUT is worth trying when productivity is one of your concerns.

15. Screen to Video

Screen to Video is, probably, one of the top free screen video capture tool. This tool, available for both PC, will let you record your screen in AVI, SWF, FLV or WMV. On top of all, Screen to Video boasts a simple yet impressive user interface.

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What do you think about these video recording softwares? Are they worth checking, or do you know any other best screen recorder? Do let us know about your opinion on these tools using comments below.

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