20 Best Yet Free MP3 & Video Downloaders Online

Journey of YouTube and other platforms to become some of most effective platforms for publicizing videos, music as well as other media files was quite incredible, especially while considering the short time span it took. Now, these platforms are about to dominate traditional ways such as TV and Radio.

20 Best Yet Free MP3 & Video Downloaders Online

However, saving such videos and songs for later use may be a tiresome task for at least a few of you. But, the task is incredibly simple if you can use some tools that will help you download videos and mp3s from web. We would like to introduce 20 free online mp3 and video downloaders. This list includes web-based platform as well as extensions for web browsers.

1. Keepvid.com

In terms of design and functioning, keepvid.com is an extremely simple yet free video downloader online to download videos via video streaming sites such as YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo, iFilm and more. Keepvid also offers a bookmarklet. Using this bookmarklet, you can download videos through single click when you are on that particular video page.

2. Savevid

Savevid.com lets you download videos from different websites such as Dailymotion, Metacafe, MySpace, Facebook, Vimeo etc. In addition, in homepage of website, we can see a list of recent downloads as well as popular video tags.

3. Youtube-mp3.org

Sometimes, you will need only mp3 files from that particular YouTube video or videos. YouTube-mp3.org is, perhaps, the simplest way to convert YouTube video into mp3 and download it instantly.

4. Tubeleecher

Working of Tubeleecher to download YouTube videos is quite simple! You have to paste video URL, press on the Get It button, select desired quality of video, save that file in location.

5. Savefrom

Savefrom.net is a multipurpose web platform, using which you can download videos and music from sites, including YouTube, Metacafe.com, dailymotion.com, soundcloud.com, facebook.com etc. Browser extension is also available for this site.

6. Flash Video Downloader [Firefox Addon]

Once you have installed Flash Video Downloader add-on in your Mozilla Firefox browser, you can download videos and mp3s from almost every Flash-based player, including Facebook, YouTube and Metacafe.

7. Anything2mp3.com

As its name suggests, using anything2mp3.com, we can download mp3s from sites such as Soundcloud, Freesound. It will also allow you to convert videos to mp3 from sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

8. Sounddrain

Sounddrain.com is a dedicated website for downloading mp3 files from Soundcloud, which is currently one of most popular platform for sharing music, including some special one which are not usually available for download (such as DJs and remixes).

9. Soundcloud Downloader [Firefox Addon]

You can install Soundcloud Downloader add-on in your Firefox browser, and you can see a download link near to in all Soundcloud pages. You have to click on that button to start downloading.

10. Savetube.com

Using this Savetube, you can save YouTube videos into videos, mp3 and ringtones. You have to place that video link and press on desired format.

11. Freecoder

By installing Freecoder in your Windows PC, you can see an extra button in all Firefox, Chrome and Explorer. By clicking the button, you can download YouTube videos, mp3s and torrents.

12. Fast Video Download [Firefox Addon]

Once you install Fast Video Download in Mozilla, you can see a button when you access YouTube videos. You can click to download that video in desired format.

13. YTD Video Downloader

Unlike aforementioned ones, YTD Video Downloader is for desktop, and it will allow, simultaneous downloads, ability to resume downloads etc. This tool will be suitable if you do not want to fill your web browser with downloads.

14. YouTube Video Downloader [Windows]

YouTube Video Downloader is another Windows-based video downloader online to download YouTube videos from your desktop screen. Unlike other tools, this is a bit more customizable, as you can change quality of video, change format according to the device that you want to play videos in.

15. 4K Video Downloader

Most probably, 4K Video Downloader is the simplest YouTube video downloader you can grab for your Windows PCs. The same developer has published another tool called YouTube to MP3, which will help you convert YouTube videos to MP3.

16. FastestTube [Multi-browser Addon]

FastestTube is available for multiple web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari. If you have installed this extension in device, you can see a ‘Download’ button. You can choose file quality and download will start in a few seconds.

17. Fastest YouTube Downloader [Windows & Mac]

Fastest Tube, available for both Windows and Macintosh devices, you can download any YouTube video by pasting its URL in appropriate place.

18. YouTube to MP3 [Firefox Addon]

Once you have installed YouTube to MP3 Firefox extension, you can see a ‘Convert Now’ button near to the YouTube player. This add-on is extremely simple in action, and you can get desired mp3 in seconds.

19. Soundcloud Downloader

In Soundcloud Downloader, you can simply paste the URL of Soundcloud song in the website, hit ‘Download’ button, and the website will prepare MP3 and start download quickly.

20. Soundcloud Super +2 [Firefox Addon]

Soundcloud Super is simple! Install this add-on in your Firefox browser. Near to each Soundcloud track, you can see a ‘Download’ button. Well, yes, you’ve done it.

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  1. Hey thanks, but I didn’t see Flvto app on the list! It’s a very good downloader that I’ve used a lot recently and it’s even better than those mentioned. Here’s the link flvto.com/youtube-downloader-for-mac

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