7 Best Free CDN Services To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

The Basic Idea of a Content Delivering Network (CDN)

CDN is a service where it keeps a copy of your website content in servers around the world. If your site is hosted on a server which is located in New York and if a person access it from New Jersey he will do it without any hiccup because the servers are located nearby and the person’s browser downloads files almost immediately, but if a person living in India accesses your website; he will do it but with a bit of delay as your server takes more time to send data to India, because of this your website loads slower as the person’s browser has to download files which are located in the US.

If your site is accelerated by a CDN, whether there is a visitor from India or China your site will load faster without any delay as the user’s browser downloads files from the nearest server on which your website is stored.

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Finally by using a CDN your website can achieve faster loading speeds than usually anywhere in the world. Here are some CDN Services Which Offer Free Plans.


cloudflare free cdn service

Cloudflare has 23 data centers across the globe, they stepped further and even developed a plugin for WordPress users to integrate it with their website, it has some useful features like providing insights about your visitors, protecting your website, some security settings to protect your website from hackers. Setting up is easy, free plans offer basic services while advanced features are available at a price.

Download Cloudflare plugin


incapsula best cdn services

Incapsula has 10+ data centers, out of them 6 are located in the US.It offers high performance content acceleration and security to your website. Adding your website to Incapsula is easy and requires a simple DNS (Domain Name Server) change.

Compared to Cloudflare, Incapsula might have less data centers but its users have claimed that their website loading speed increased by 50%.

Download Incapsula plugin


jetpack best cdn

Photon works only with WordPress and it’s a CDN for images, photon comes integrated in the Jetpack plugin (by WordPress team). When a webpage loads, images take up most time to load than many other files hence accelerating your website’s images gives you better results and higher loading speeds, photon accelerates your websites images worldwide by WordPress.com grid.

Photon is impressive considering that it delivers your images, it is included in the jetpack plugin and you additionally don’t have to install any other plugins.

Download jetpack plugin


coral cdn services

CoralCDN consists of 260 servers worldwide, it is a free and open content distribution network. Coral CDN works on peer-to-peer content delivery network, composed of world-wide network of name servers and web proxies. They work by simply adding ‘.nyud.net’ at the end of the element’s URL. For WordPress users there is a plugin for integrating Coral CDN.

Download CoralCDN plugin


swarmify best free cdn services

Swarmify was their actual name until recently they changed it to Swarmify. Swarmify or SwarmCDN is a peer-to-peer based CDN, they have released a plugin for WordPress for easy integration. Swarmify features include geographical loading, hive cache, lazy loading they also have predictive loading which preloads most popular images on your site faster.

Download Swarmify plugin


jsDelivr best free cdn services

jsDelivr is another content distribution or delivery network (CDN) where users can host javascripts for free. jsDelivrCDN works in hosting JavaScript for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal CMS based websites.jsDelivr is sponsored byUserVoice, Cedexis, CDN.net and MaxCDN. There is an official plugin for WordPress users.

Download jsDelivr plugin


cloudinary cdn network

Cloudinary is a free CDN for images, the official plugin for WordPress users is out and can be used for free, the company has included a free plan where the user can be able to store up to 50,000 images, 500 MB storage and 1GB monthly bandwidth. Using the plugin is easy and to start the CDN process you have to register with the site and you will be generating a URL which will help you to upload all your files to Cloudinary.

Download Cloudinary plugin


All CDN’s are made to make your site load blazing fast, all the above services do this job very well yet we personally like to go with Cloudflare because it offers maximum speeding and security. Our next choice after Cloudflare will be Incapsula which has almost the same performance as Cloudflare.

If you want a CDN specifically for images we recommend you to go with Cloudinary as it offers a decent amount of space for free. Be careful while dealing with your DNS and name servers any wrong move will break your site down.

7 thoughts on “7 Best Free CDN Services To Speed Up Your WordPress Website”

  1. Good post Srikar,

    Currently I am using JetPack plugin (Photon) to host my images. If you are only want to hose images then JetPack plugin (Photon) is the best choice.

  2. Hi Srikar,

    CDN service is the must have for all the websites to speed up. Here you have showed a good list of free CDN services. And there is no doubt that CLOUDFLARE is the best in free CDN.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello,

    Do you have any idea as to which CDN service I should use (free) if most of my traffic is going to be from India. I use CloudFlare as of now but their nearest locations are Singapore and Hong Kong. Are their any in India itself?

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