Fashion blogging has become a worldwide phenomenon, netting top fashion bloggers upward of $1 million per year. Therefore, it is no wonder that there are hundreds of fashion blogs catering to different styles. In a sea of seemingly endless fashionistas, there are a number of writers whose fashion blogs stand out in terms of personal style and business acumen. These fashionistas come from all over the world and have unique perspectives on what fashion means and where it is heading. From Dubai to Kosovo, the following fashionistas have incredible fashion blogs to follow in 2017.

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The Best Fashion Blogs to Consider Following

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1. MyFashDiary

Created by Dubai-based fashionista Tala Samman, MyFashDiary is a top-ranking fashion blog that has been nominated for multiple awards from the likes of Marie Claire and Twitter. In 2011, MyFashDiary became one of Dubai’s Hot 100 blogs. From interviews with major designers like Brian Atwood to reviews of helpful beauty products, MyFashDiary reaches out to a diverse audience. Another neat fact is that Samman also works as a DJ at fashion events.

2. Fishnets and Rainbows

Rita Saraqi’s fun style is apparent in her blog, Fishnets and Rainbows. A native of Kosovo, Saraqi’s blog is forward-thinking while embracing the beauty of simplicity and nature in fashion. As a photographer and writer, Saraqi channels her own inspirations to inspire and encourage others to explore their unique selves.

3. Looking Fly on a Dime

Love fashion but have to live on a strict budget? Look no further than Looking Fly on a Dime. Blogger Patrice J. Williams is a New York City-based fashionista who considers herself to be a “savvy shopper.” Williams offers tips on how to find fashionable looks for less. Her style is urban chic meets funky vintage finds. Her blog topics range from whether cheap shoes can last without falling apart to diverse ways of wearing leggings.

Williams also started Thrifty Threads 365, a challenge to only buy thrift store clothing for an entire year. Her monthly budget is $50. She encourages her blog readers to join her in the challenge and share their progress.

4. The Key Item

The Key Item is not merely a fashion blog. Dominican illustrator and designer Nathalia Medina believes that the right accessory is key to making an outlook look perfect. Her bilingual website is full of extremely helpful tips for finding the key item. Medina also offers tips on organizing and optimizing aspects of your daily life. Medina’s blog also contains a series of low-cost workshops on how to maximize your social media presence while exploring your own fashion sense.

5. My Traveling Closet

California blogger and avid traveler Katie Torwalt has one of those fashion blogs that is just plain addictive. Her writing style is incredibly personable and reflects her excitement for fashion. My Traveling Closet combines fashion, beauty, and traveling. Torwalt’s style can best be described as vintage chic with a fashion forward twist. Also, Torwalt has an unapologetic love for sweatpants. A lot of the fashions featured in Torwalt’s blog are practical for traveling, especially flying, and can easily be stashed inside a suitcase without being damaged.

Fans of Torwalt’s fashion can shop her Instagram on Torwalt also does YouTube makeup tutorial videos.

6. Lovely in LA

Let’s face it, not all of us have body shapes that work with clothing featured in standard fashion blogs. Lovely in LA is a blog for ladies of all shapes and sizes. Fashionista Rachel Richardson utilizes her knowledge and experiences as a plus-sized woman to gear her blog toward women who want to find the right clothing for their body types. Richardson and her blog have been featured in The Everygirl, Redbook Magazine, and Refinery 29. Larger women often wear accidentally too-sexy clothing. However, many of Richardson’s style choices are sensible and sleek without being overly sexy on women with larger builds. Lovely in LA also features tips on how to shop on a budget.

7. Running in Heels

Personal style is a crucial aspect of self-expression, as blogger Kasey knows perfectly well. Her fashion blog, Running in Heels, is truly a blog that women from different walks of life can enjoy. Kasey’s fashion sense is casual, down-home country chic that speaks to Kasey’s experiences living in Dallas, Texas. Running in Heels has an Instagram feed that fans can shop. This cool feature links readers with the websites of stores from which Kasey finds her fashions. This blog is the perfect inspiration for anyone shopping on a budget for casual, no-frills clothing.

8. Boy From Dagbon

While the realm of fashion blogs seems to be predominantly run by female bloggers, there are plenty of male fashion bloggers with unique style perspectives. One of the top male-run fashion blogs to follow is Abdel Abdulai’s Boy from Dagbon. The website transcends being simply a blog about fashion. Instead, Boy From Dagbon functions as a super trendy encyclopedia for current men’s fashions and lifestyle. The blog even covers men’s looks from different designers that showcased during Fashion Week. The blog appeals to different types of men with unique tastes. There is even a blog entry on how to wear a suit like James Bond!

The Internet is a fantastic platform for showcasing diverse styles and tastes. All of the fashion blogs mentioned above target different audiences through their unique takes on current trends. Whether you are looking for sophisticated men’s attire or fashion-forward takes on thrift store finds for women of all sizes, there is a blog out there for you to follow. Make 2017 the year you step up your fashion game by checking out these fun, inspirational, and reader-friendly fashion blogs.

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