9 Things That Are Destroying Your Blog

As bloggers, we may unconsciously or unintentionally do things for our blogs that can only destroy it. Our blogs are may be for business purposes or just a hobby, but what others see on our blogs reflect the professionalism we have and what kind of people we really are. What we do on our blogs greatly affects the product or service we promote as well.

9 Things That Are Destroying Your Blog

The following are the usual things you do that may immediately kill your blog.

Few Posts Per Month

One, two or three posts per month is not an ideal blogging routine. Some instances may temporarily stop us from making a daily update on our blogs but this is not a valid excuse to don’t blog for weeks. An everyday post, or every other day post is advisable to gain a lot of readers and traffic on your blog.

A once or twice a week post is acceptable. But one to two posts per month is like slowly terminating your blog. Remember that Google always checks on your blog. If it doesn’t find any update for too long, it may take a longer time before its spiders crawl your blog again.

Writing in Blocks

I don’t find a long paragraph intriguing nor enticing to read. Shorter paragraphs are not just readable. I also find them amazing. The bloggers who do this basic blog post writing is indeed, bloggers who understand blogging, and truly know how to entertain the readers.


You are may be very good in writing but for some instances you may experience writer’s block that pushes you to find ideas and popular posts on other blogs. As bloggers, of course we know plagiarism. But sometimes we tend to still copy a little from here and a little from there.

Google would not notice if we do this once. But doing this over time, Google isn’t the only one to penalize us! Also, think about your reputation as a blogger or a professional.

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You’re a No Reply Blogger

You ask your audience to leave comments but you, yourself don’t respond to it. Doing this, your readers will assume that you don’t take them seriously. As a blogger, you should be able to build trust among all your readers. This is one key to maintain a good readership.

Creating Post Which Has Nothing To Do With The Blog Niche

Once your blog has been known for a particular niche, you should stick to posting articles about it. You got audience that are waiting for relevant updates on your blog. Don’t disappoint them by posting articles they don’t care about. Also, don’t confuse google on what your blog is really all about. But of course, you can post general news if you want to. Just don’t do this too often.

Not Linking Related Blog Posts

You write articles about your niche. Therefore all articles are related to each other. You should at least add two to three links in your new post to previous related posts because it helps your readers understand more about the new post. This also helps to drive more traffic to the older posts.

This way also, you let Google notice your blog more because relevant links are actually, Google spiders love to crawl.

Not Including Relevant Images

I hate seeing full text articles. It seems that there’s no life in it. Relevant images make an article more inviting to the eyes of the readers. However, too much graphics and images can make someone’s device hang. So don’t overdo. Give at least two relevant images for a single post to make it more appealing. Put an image between every long paragraph.

Not Filling Out Page Title And Description Fields

As bloggers we should all be familiar with SEO stuff to make good rankings and have large readership. Title and description fields are meta datas that tell Google what your page is all about. This helps to easily categorize your site so when users search for a particular post or keyword you have, your site would be one of the best results Google will give them.

Not Sharing Posts To Social Media Sites

If you are a true blogger, you don’t want to monopolize your written article on your own site only. Because blogging is exposing not just what you write but who you are as well. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc. are just some of the social media sites that can help you and your blog be known not just in your local hometown but also around the world.

Blogging is not just about sharing something your readers will read and learn from. It is also making the blog to stay alive and kicking by writing better posts and knowing how to expose it to those who don’t know it yet. If you are really a passionate blogger who loves his readers, you should not just blog, but write killer blogs!

4 thoughts on “9 Things That Are Destroying Your Blog”

  1. Now days Social Media is playing major role in blogging because most of youngsters are using social media sites to connect with each other.
    While writing article on blog you must write a unique title because when any readers come to blog then he/she must read you title before reading any article. Thansk for sharing other important points.

  2. I really liked your post Jennifer! I agree with you that you have to post regularly as a blogger to get more traffic on your blog. As Neal Schaffer says in ‘Maximise your Social’: ‘If content is king, then consistency is queen’.

    I find it very crucial to promote your blog on social media sites – blogging and social media go hand in hand.

    How often do you post? Do you only post content directly related to your niche – or do you ever branch out?


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