8 Most Crucial Tips For Selecting A Great Domain Name

Tips For Selecting A Great Domain Name

Picking a domain name is comparative to picking an organization name; it requires a great deal of thought and attention. Your domain name is your personality on the Web; you need to ensure that you pick a name that fits your business, as well as simple to find and advertise. Follow these 8 tips that will help you pick up the right name for your website

Easy To Type

A domain that is easy to type is vital for success of any website, since people always avoid complicated affairs no matter how good it is from inside. If you use shortcut languages such as F9 for fine or xpress for Express, then it becomes really difficult for the potential customers to find you on web.

Short And Simple

Long tail keywords may have had an influence in the internet marketing arena in the past but with the recent Google algorithm updates, things have changed a lot. It’s better to create an authority website with a short, easy to memorize domain name than long complicated ones.

Insert a Keyword

Make use of the Google keywords tools to extract an idea of a keyword that suits your business. Take for instance, if you have a roof repairing company, you may want to register roofrepair.com or something similar. The keywords help in ranking the websites better in the search engines since Google redirects its users directly to the website with the targeted keywords. This in turn increases the traffic and the conversion rate.

Target Your Region

Small scale businesses which are restricted to a specific region should include their city or state in the domain name just in order to make it relatively easy for local customers to track your website. Say for example TexasRoofRepair.com will come up on first page of a search engine when the user types ‘Roof repair in Texas’. This distinguishes the site from the others.

No Hyphens or Numbers

How many websites with hyphens and numbers in the domain have you seen succeeding in the past? Well, the number is critically low or in fact nil. Numbers and hyphens often mislead people, since those who hear about a particular website may be confused to figure out whether you used a number (7) or (seven) in words. If you really want to opt for such a domain name, make sure to register different variations to be on the safe side.

Sound Memorable

There are tons of domain names being registered everyday and to stand out among them is one tough job. But to have a memorable and catchy domain name is critical to online success. Outline a list of those, share with your friends and ask them if they sound appealing enough. This is the best way to get an idea about an attractive domain name.

Make a Proper Research

Before taking any further step in registering your domain name, ensure that the same isn’t copyrighted, trademarked or already in use by someone else. Later on, it may lead to a legal chaos that will not only cost you domain name but also your potential earnings for which you worked so hard.

Suitable Domain Extension

The suffix at the end of a web address is known as the domain extension. For example, .com or.org. Now these extensions can have different applications and you have to choose it according to your website type. .Com is by default the most preferred choice for any individual, but there are other extensions that have found a significant space in the search engines.

.info – This is basically for information sites and not for any kind of commerce
.co – It’s an acronym for commerce, company or a community
.org – This is for non-profit and non commercial organizations
.net – It’s basically for technical websites that are intended to develop Internet infrastructure
.biz – It’s ideal for an e-commerce website or a small-scale business
.me – This is ideal for a personal blog or an online diary.

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Get your hands on a domain name as soon as you get hold of an ideal one, since there is a chance someone else might be in the process of registering the same.

Domain registration in the last 5 years has seen an upsurge and a competitive market may give you a tough time. However that can be easily averted by following these simple tips and adhering to the rule of thumb i.e. short and simple!

5 thoughts on “8 Most Crucial Tips For Selecting A Great Domain Name”

  1. Nice read Jason. Covered all the points of picking a good domain so well.

    I personally still only use .com domains. It was the first extension and I believe that people have been trained over the years, that it’s the first one to come to mind. When surfers type in a domain name, they are more likely to add the .com. Course just my opinion.

    I use to have a domain with some dashes in it and it did well in the search engines, but I think your right, that would be about it’s only chance of any success.

    Thanks again for the post :)

  2. Hello Jason,
    Domain name plays very important role in the blogging success. A simple and easy domain name which gives an idea of the website should be selected. You have given very valuable information in this article, which will surely help the newbie bloggers.the extension information that you have given here is very interesting.
    Thanks. :)

  3. Catchy,meaningless words sometimes works like wonder.See ‘Google’ for example.You can also consider using expressions as domain names if you are catering to a fun loving audience.

  4. These rules are great, but sometimes they can be neglected :) There are many successful websites that have no keywords in their URLs or are a bit misleading in their spelling, like Tumblr for instance. So, if you can’t find a good web address (all are taken), create your own word :) and make people discuss it.

  5. Location based domain names are great for instant traffic.But in the long term perspective considering expansion possibilities it will be a better idea to go for a neutral domain name.

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