7 Key SEO Metrics To Survive In Online Marketing World

It’s a tough search engine competition for online marketers out there in the top niche categories. Hence, the strategy for the product online marketing has to be the best and improved to stay on the top of the competitors.

The Darwin’s survival theory say’s that survival of the fittest and if that translate to the online marketing world then it will something like survival of the fittest websites to the search engine algorithms.

Key SEO Metrics

I will go through some of the key seo metrics that I think will determine the chance of the survival of any website in the online marketing world.

1. Content is The King

Yes! You read it right that content is the king and that is only because your website content will determine the rankings in the search engine. Eventually, there are more than 200 factors on which search engine ranking is been decide by the Google search engine. So if your content part is strong then you get the best probability to rank well.

There are penalties and filters affecting the websites with thin content and over optimization. These are recent updates and major one’s to change the face of SEO of last decade. Google Panda and Penguin updates are the names of those significant changes in the search engines to overcome the spam. Thus, Content on the website and off the website talking about your product will be the major factor for the rankings.

2. Call to Action

In order to boost the visits you need to improve your call to action on the website. It’s not only about ranking on the search engine well but let the users click on your listing. What if your listing ranks well on the search engine well but very few clicks measured only because the listing next to you has the catchy things on it? So, here is the biggest part that will play the role of boosting the traffic of the website.

To make it simple and clear I would like suggest going for the best and hot titles for your website new content and pages. The Meta description should be short and catchy so that users should get more curios and tend to click on your listing.

3. Content Length

Most of the time I have seen that pages with more than thousand words are the most ranked on the search engines. There is Google’s new section appears called in-depth articles which covers the pages with more than 2000 words. Hence, there is major change need to be done while writing content with in-depth information for better search engine optimization.

4. 404 pages

Google hates when a page does not resolve in good fashion for any user. This means the page itself is not present on the website or moved somewhere else but does not redirected to intend one. This factor I think is the one which reduces the trust factor from the search engine of a certain user and hence search engines hate when pages do not resolves to a proper page if not present and moved.

Having a customized 404 page will guarantee search engine that user will not looses the trust and keeps the user to navigate through the site. But, make sure the 404 page is interesting and provided with the most important parts of your website or sitemap.

5. Increase Relevancy

If your product is in to the niche category and getting good response from the search engines then it must have very good relevant information on the website and off the website. Well, let me describe this in detail. As I said that on the website it has relevant information means that the website has the most of the content related to one category and which is unique and creative.

And when it comes to the information off the website then it could be on any other platform than the website itself. It could be any other website talking about it or on social platforms in many forms like shares and micro blogs.

6. Page Load Time

Right from the bounce rate of the website and the visit duration of a user is determined by the page load time of the website. One out of the four users will bounce back when the page load time passes four seconds. Hence, I would suggest going for the page load time test of your website and finding out how long it takes.

If it’s more than four seconds then you need to look out for the solutions. The basic solutions to fix the page load time are leverage browser catching, compression, Image optimization and minifing HTML, Java and CSS.

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7. Responsive Design

The era where more than half internet users use their mobile devices to find out the solutions, every website owner needs to have a responsive design for its website. The need of the time is to adapt with the change in the surroundings and the change here is transforming from desktop to mobile. Responsive design means the website fits in each and every type of internet device which can be used by the user to access the website.

Hence, the factors which are done to change in the website according to benefit the user will ultimately indicate search engines the quality of the website and improves the score in the rankings.

I hope there are many factors which are important to improve the traffic of the website which you can use on your website to bring out the best. Get the knowledge about how you can make things easy for your users and search engines like Google will make your way easy to boost your website traffic.

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