5 Effective Tips to Make Your Blog Unique and Out-Standing

With around 100 Million blogs cluttered around the web; what are the odds of making your blog stand out-of-the competition?

Are you too one of those folks spamming the Internet with forgettable content?

Take it to any niche: Blogging, Internet, Sports etc. There’s no less than 10,000 blogs in every niche. There’s authority blogs achieving new milestones day-after day; and there’s increasing amount of blogs getting ‘live’.

In this fierce battlefield, you can’t stay long with all those old blogging tactics.

You got to think different. You got to adopt the modern-day techniques. After all, it’s useless to use bow-and-arrow in a battlefield of Nuclear Missiles.

Well, I admit SEO and Social Media are important factors of blogging; but blogging is not only about the two. It all starts and ends with content. People crown your blog, make it popular and stand out of crowd on the basis of content itself. It is the content for which people come to your website. It might be any query or any interesting stuff.

Tips to Make Your Blog Unique

So, it all comes down to—making your content remarkable and (moreover) UNFORGETABLE. How to do it? Here are few ‘remarkable’ tips to create ‘remarkable’ content!

1. Design

Having a unique and innovative design might help you (greatly).

Take any top-ranked authority blogs, and you would find the uniqueness. Mashable to Problogger (to name a few); each one of them boast a clear-and-concise, super-cool and outstanding theme.

Usually, these top-ranked blogs create their very own theme on frameworks like Genesis and Thesis. But it usually requires a huge amount of money to do so.

As there’s no surety of the admin being from the designing counter-part, most of them go for hiring developers. Also, most go for hiring a reputed developer for more bucks rather than investing in 2-3 developers.

But, for a newbie bloggers getting money might be a serious issue. As most of them start with few at most no capital. For them, it is generally suggested to mod down a popular theme according to their needs. You can chance the logo, the layout, the color preference etc.

It is generally assumed that for every second it takes to load a webpage, you lose about 20 & visitors. Sounds HORRIBLE, isn’t it? Page-Speed factor is one of the essential factors, which most of the newbies overlook. People ain’t any monks who patiently wait for your web page to load. They took decisions in a matter of seconds.

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For that, you can try removing unwanted widgets and flash animations (which are the prominent reasons which slow down a webpage).

Content matters the most; but presenting the content also matters.

2. Choose a Unique Subject

Well, the internet is flooded up with blogs. Especially, with same kind of content. You might see – how to increase PR rank of a blog over tens of thousands of blogs, because it’s a common topic. But many won’t see the competition behind it. It would be as hard as climbing the Everest without Oxygen Mask.

People don’t want to read the same content again and again. You got to provide them with some fresh, un-heard, new content. Before writing, think—why should anyone read this?

You can use Google Analytics tool for finding topics. You can search for different topics and look out for their search volumes. Try to write for medium-volume keywords rather than going for high-volume keywords.

It might be hard to find new ideas; but one great way is looking for up-coming trends. For example, if a country A has elections in December 2014, you can write articles based on that during the time October-November to get massive traffic around December and January. Although, this doesn’t give guaranteed success, giving it a try might not do any harm!

3. Love Your Visitors and Readers

Most of the top-notch blogs leave back an impression in their visitors mind. They get engaged with their visitors. They ask for their views and opinions on topics. They thank them for their comments, promote them on their blog, and offer them services and goodies and lot more.

These small activities tell them your and your blog’s nature. You don’t need to have a top-class blog for that, you can start doing this small and effective tactics straight from the beginning of your blog. It’s better to love your 10 regular readers than going for 100 new readers. After all, 2 in the hand is better than 1 in the bush.

4. Get Your Visitors visit your Archives Page

This is probably one of the key elements, which everyone has locked down. Most of the new visitors tend to visit the 1st page with new content. There’s quite less chances of making them go for your old articles. Mostly, great content gets hidden in the archives and fails to get produce to visitors.

Make people judge your blog on the basis of your top 3 posts of your blog. It leaves back a good impression in their minds and a good conversion rate. You can increase the archive visibility either by—widget or interlinking. Though both of them are good, while considering effective one, widget would do good. As it would link up more post from archives (like 15-20) than interlinking.

5. Use Attractive and Eye-Catching Images

A Picture speaks a thousand words. You might have come to this common saying over a handsome amount of times. Most of the newbie bloggers rather doesn’t consider important and use cheap and low-quality images. Top-tier blogs use hefty subscriptions from Getty Images and Shutterstock to get better images, but for newbie bloggers it might not be possible.

But, you can always discover. You can search on google for images with rights to reuse and you can use it on your blog. Or, you can find images to with rights to moderate and use and can mod to any preference you want.

5 thoughts on “5 Effective Tips to Make Your Blog Unique and Out-Standing”

  1. Great article Sayantan! For me the key is to always reach out to your readers and make sure you communicate. There’s no better way to let your readers know you appreciate the time they took to visit.

  2. All the tips you recommended are really necessary to make a blog unique. Tittle and design reflect the blog, so it’s an important concern and one of the biggest turns offs to blog readers is plagiarized content. You have to your own style when blogging.
    Thanks for the tips.

  3. Hi Sayantan,

    Great tips!

    Design is the first thing that we should not ignore. Unique design will stand out from the crowd. And yes, unique content and attractive images will definitely stand-out.

    thanks for sharing!

  4. Yes, design of a website is the best way to engage visitors. A poor design website leads to high bounce rate, even it have quality content. Thanks

  5. Hello Sayantan,
    I also think that having images in a blog post greatly increases its value as well as add beauty to it. Every blogger must have 1-2 images on their post(keeping the “image copyright infringement in mind”). Also I would prefer to go for standard wordpress theme in the initial blogging stage and later upgrade to premium wordpress theme as they cost a lot.Thanks for the great article :)

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