5 Common WordPress Design Blunders

WordPress is the most popular content management and blogging CMS right now, but many novices and advanced WordPress designers make some glaring errors. Avoiding these design errors can not only improve the look of your WordPress website but it can also help your website attracts more traffic. More than 60 million websites are now powered by WordPress and you’ll have to make your website stand out from the other WordPress sites to get user engagement. Here is a list of five of the most common WordPress design errors that most designers tend to make.


Missing search option or search bar

This is probably the most annoying and common mistake that most designers make. A search option can make it much easier for your readers to find content on your website. Having a simple search engine could help you beat out stiff competition from other sites as people would want to spend more time on your site.

A search option is necessary for WordPress websites that have a lot of content as visitors do not have the time or patience to click on the “older posts” link to find older posts. Not only will people find it very easy to look for content on your website but your older posts and articles will still be able to get new readers with a search option.

Wrong background color and very little white space

WordPress website designers more often than not use black or very dark colored backgrounds for their web pages with extremely light colors or even fluorescent colors for the text. This color scheme makes it very hard for readers to read the content and they often just leave websites because of this. Avoid using white as the text color on a dark background and reverse the color scheme instead to make it easier for people to read content on your website.

Similarly, having a cluttered website can make viewing your website a very unpleasant task for readers. Without enough white space on your WordPress website, readers will find it hard to find necessary calls to action, which can negatively impact your conversion rates.

Website’s not mobile-friendly

As most designers design WordPress websites on their desktops or laptops, they forget about creating mobile-friendly versions of the websites. Most people use their Smartphones to browse websites, and more and more people are adopting Smartphones daily.

To cater to Smartphone users, you should build either a mobile-optimized or mobile responsive version of your website. Without a mobile-friendly WordPress website, you stand the risk of losing a huge chunk of potential customers who use only their Smartphones to surf the web.

Using generic WordPress themes

One of the reasons why WordPress became so popular is because it is highly customizable while being completely free. Nevertheless, people still use free themes when they can allocate more resources to web designing. Most WordPress websites use free themes and this can make your website look generic and uninteresting. To make your website more eye-catching and unique, invest in a good WordPress theme or hire web designers to create a customized theme that showcases your brand.

Very little testing

You may be an advanced web designer and very confident in your skills but you still have to test the website every time you make a change. Before you upgrade your WordPress site, always test it thoroughly to check if it works on all browsers and desktop and mobile platforms. Look into the latest testing methodologies and see what will work best with your site.

Also, backup your website frequently when you are making changes to your website. With CSS backups, you will be able to go back to the original design very quickly. Once web designers start experimenting with website code, it can be very frustrating finding minor errors. A CSS backup can help you get the original code and start over.

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  1. Thank you Jessica for sharing this useful article. I agree with you 1 big mistake is that – Wrong background color and very little white space.

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