4 Kick Ass Weblogs Every Tech Blogger Should Follow

If you are a blog owner or if you follow any blog regularly, you might see that blogging field is emerging fast, everyday new blogs are being born and entering the race, for an already established blogger it is not a difficult to face new competition but if you are a newbie blogger, you are a bit in trouble.

In this article we will show some sites which will help you in every way and make your site stand out from the crowd. As mentioned in the title, the below list is most suitable for tech blogs, no problem if your site belongs to any other niche as we got you covered, this article generalizes the type of blogs you need to follow for any niche in order to keep your blog updated, but we have given some examples of tech blogs only, but you can search a well-established sites for your niche easily by just typing your blog keyword in google search.

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The sites we have shared in this article are high-profile sites which means they produce some kick-ass content. The four websites which we have listed are GigaOm, Hongkiat.com, Quick Sprout and Social Triggers. You can read more about them below:



GigaOm is a weblog which provides news about technology & startups, at first glance at their website, you might be baffled by their content and think that their content is absolutely irrelevant to us, but truly speaking GigaOm is helping me from the start. Here is a small example, ever heard of Venmo, Chirpify, Selz, Gumroad or Sellfy?

All these are extremely useful tools for bloggers directly or indirectly, by following GigaOm We came to know about them and many software’s and tools which help us to improve our productivity and save time. Probably there is no other blog covers such tools like GigaOm does.



Hongkiat.com is a design weblog, launched in 2007 it quickly became very popular, Hongkiat.com is a total package, they provide very useful information, tips, tutorials and freebies. Hongkiat.com covers topics such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, WordPress, graphics and Web 2.0, following Hongkiat will make you keep updated with the latest trends in blogging, designs and some tech stuff.

The fantastic thing about Hongkiat is that they allow guest posting, considering the site has an Alexa rank of 700, guest posting on Hongkiat.com is a great opportunity for enthusiast bloggers.

Quick Sprout


Quick Sprout is a blog dedicated to help bloggers and even professionals to drive traffic to their websites. Neil Patel, the founder of Quick Sprout shares a lot on how to generate traffic and maximize revenues, following his blog would make you a master in blog traffic generation. In addition to traffic generation tips, Neil Patel also shares his thoughts on how to use Social Media effectively to promote your website, building backlinks and he also provided some site auditing tools for free.

This site is also important for SEO purposes as it teaches many techniques which will help your blog to rank better in Google search engine results. If you need more they have a pro membership, by which you can access their exclusive video tutorials.

Social Triggers


Social Triggers helps you to find new customers, it is a marketing blog, the blog is fully managed by Derek Halpern, We started following his blog six months ago, and the techniques he uses definitely work and results can be seen in a matter of days. To be frank, all his works are focused on how to build a good mailing list, which is a good thing, as if you have a mailing list, it means you will have returning customers.

Social Triggers also teaches you some cool stuff about various marketing, which are necessary for every niche blogger. Unlike many blogs where membership is required, Social Triggers offers its best content for free!

Winding Up

As a blogger you need to know what’s happening in the market, following GigaOm helps you do that, Hongkiat.com gives you free resources and ideas for blogging, Quick Sprout teaches you to generate traffic and helps you to rank your website better in search engine results and finally all this hard work is for having customers at your tips, Social triggers teaches you how to gain them.

The core objects of blogging are to know what’s happening in your niche now, writing good content and doing effective SEO these three things help you to make your blog better in every way, following these three things automatically improves your blog’s reputation as well as you income.

We would appreciate if can contribute to this list by commenting below, if you are already a follower for any of these, we would like to hear from you about them in comments section

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