10 Things You Ought to Know before You Start a Blog

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How do you even begin to start a blog?  Read more to find out how to start a blog that will gain traffic and you will enjoy.  Make your blog something that you enjoy because you have to right the article and most likely other people will have the same interests.  Once you read through everything you have all the important resources to start a blog that will be unique and has the ability to grow.  Read more to find out how to start the process.

Photos Are Key

The world we live in today revolves around pictures.  Social media has really been implementing that idea and are all revolved around pictures.  Society now does not like to sit down and read long articles that do not have images within them.  It is easier for them to quickly take a picture and post it, rather than type out a long paragraph about what is happening in their lives.  It also is easier for your followers to view what is happening in your life and pictures will catch their eyes to look at your post instead of someone else’s.  This is why it is so important that you try to incorporate images into your blog posts.  Also, featured images are the most important images to have because they are what the readers see first.  Having images in your article and having featured images is key to getting your blog started.

Long Content Is Still Valuable

As a beginner you may think that writing quick and short articles is the best way to get content out, but is it really working for you?  The answer is most likely no.  With short articles your reader does not get much worth out of the article and it does not engage them into your articles.  The goal of your articles should be to engage your reader so that they get value out of the article and so that they want to read more of your articles.  It’s all about building a “relationship” with your readers.  Long articles give your reader the most value and engages them to read more articles about a similar story.  Also, with longer articles your followers on your website longer which gives them more time to look at your lead magnets and adds, which are a way to gain followers and make money.  Longer articles can be beneficial to your blog, just make sure the are quality pieces of content.

Outsourcing is Your Best Friend

While starting a blog outsourcing is a great way to keep yourself from being overwhelmed and provides you with more skills.  Find someone to manage your tasks and to help you write content.  Outsourcing may sound stressful because you may not want to let someone else in control but it’s worth it.  Find someone with a similar view on the theme of your blog.  If you do not outsource you will most likely not be able to keep up with the blogging world.  As your blog grows you will be required to produce more content and write more emails to subscribers.  Having someone else to help you is a great idea for beginners and experienced bloggers.

Social Media is Bigger Than Ever Before

If you do not have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or a Pinterest you should really create one right now.  You should know that if you want to get a lot of traffic to your blog you will need to advertise it on social media.  Social media has grown so much in the last 10 years and now many websites are based off of social media and rely on the advertising on social media sites.  I suggest that you try to navigate around social media to see what you can do.  Also, the amount of people who are on social media are probably the ones who look at your blog.  Do some research and see what blogs and articles are popular, than write similar articles and see what they did on their site to make them so popular.  With a little advertisement you can get your blog more traffic.

A Growing Email List is a Growing Blog

Building a large email list is the ultimate goal for any new blogger.  By creating tripwires and lead magnets you can build up your email list.  You should try to send out an email at least once a week.  In these emails you should either offer a piece of content, a tripwire, or an offer to buy a product.  Make sure you are not annoying about your emails and make sure to engage your subscribers.

Be Prepared to Invest

You will have to invest your time and money into your blog.  Be prepared to invest money on promotions and products to sell.  There is no question whether you will or won’t because you will.  Some bloggers are blind sided by this once they first start off, but have learned the hard way they need to invest to earn revenue.  Now when you invest the goal is to earn the money back and even make a bigger profit.  If you are ready to jump into the blogging world being prepared is very important for your blogs success.

Make Connections

Making connections is a very important part to starting a blog.  To start a blog that is successful you need to make connections with other bloggers and others in the web world.  Make sure you do not just bombard strangers with emails, but build relationships and make sure the person knows you before you ask them for anything.  Tell them you will link to them or talk about them on your blog.  This will help you to build a relationship with other blogs and once the trust is there ask them to link their websites to you or offer to mention their articles in your own articles.  These connections are very important not just to gain traffic but also to help you start a blog that will be successful in the future.

Identify Your Interests

Blog about what you are interested because that is most likely what you are an expert on.  Also, it allows you to enjoy what you are writing about and give your “expert” opinion.  Blog about the things you like to do, your family, hobbies, and other interests you may have.  Another thing to remember is that if you are struggling through something or something is occurring in your life than there is a great chance that someone else is going through the same thing.  Do not be afraid to post your opinion or troubles, that is how you get traffic and interactions on your website.  Blogging about your interests and finding out what your true calling is is one of the most important keys to be successful.  As a beginner  do not go into a blog without having direction.  Find out what your interests are and stick to writing about them or a broad interest.

Learn How to Use SEO

Learning how to use SEO is a key component to start a blog.  Search engine optimization (SEO) is what drives traffic to your blog.  The traffic from search engines is an important part of growing your blog.  Although SEO is complicated, learning some of the most basic tips and tricks will go a long way.  To find some great tutorials on SEO check out this informative article on SEO, Black Hat, White Hat, Grey Hat SEO Technique: A Hasty Critique.

Design Sets the Mood

Having a neat and unique design for your blog is key.  If your blog is sloppy and unappealing then people are less likely to stay on your site and read your articles.  Have a featured image for your blog or create your own logo to use.  It’s the small things that count when someone is looking at your blog.  Another important part to creating a blog is your color scheme.  Pick a color that matches your ineterests and what the articles are about.  Along with color, pick the best theme for your interests.  If you are writing about the beach it would be smart to pick a theme with something to do with a beach.  Just use your common sense and you will have the perfect perfect design for your blog.  If you are a beginner and you want to start a blog, or if you are an experienced blogger and need need ideas check out the 26 Best WordPress Review Themes of 2015 and other blogging theme websites to find the one for your blog.

How to Start a Blog Conclusion

Now you have all the tools you need to start a blog.  It is up to you whether you follow through with all of the suggestions or not.  Remember to have a good design, find your interests, be you, learn SEO, invest, and make connections to start a blog that is successful.  Now go out and start your own blog.  Explore new ideas and do not be afraid to try new things with your blog.

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