10 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Most of the bloggers and entrepreneurs are busy all the time. So, they don’t have the time to search for their blog traffic, page rank, IP address, links etc. Some extensions can help bloggers to overcome these problems. Extension is nothing but add-ons to enlarge some information, these extensions are different for each browser.

If you use Google Chrome, then you can install Chrome extensions to know more information about your site. Here we have listed 10 best chrome extensions that you can try out:

Storie Web Clipper

This extension makes your story interesting and lively. To use this extension, signing up on storie is required and after that it is very easy to add pictures to your story by right clicking on the picture you wish to add and choose post image to storie.
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Blog This

All you need to do is just click on the icon and blogger opens in another window, where on your new post a text with the link of the page you are working on is found. After editing it according to your needs you can post it directly to your blog from the webpage. Quite convenient and fast.
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Just inside the browser you can find the word you are looking for. It is a thesaurus extension which is really fast and handy, something a blogger would definitely find worthy.
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Awesome Screenshot

As the name says, it is an awesome extension for bloggers who often take screenshots of their blogs. It gives you the liberty to customize your screenshot of the whole page or part of it that you want to take. You can use different shapes like circle, rectangles to highlight a part with different font colors, you can use arrows, lines to mark them, and you can as well remove a part which you don’t wish to view in your screenshot. Additionally you can also share the screenshot link online with your team mates.
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RSS Feed Reader

This extension is one of the smartest ways of staying updated with your news feeds. The icon present on your toolbar makes it just one-click-away extension to your RSS feeds. You can choose, how many feeds to display and to change the theme as well.
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All you have to do is enter the site id in order to view the exact number of people present on your blog at the present. This extension is for bloggers to keep a track of how many people visit there blog.
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Text URL Linker

It is the short and sweet extension yet really helpful. All it does is puts up a link element to the URL on your post which undoubtedly saves a lot of time.
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Word Count

This extension is a bliss when you have a word limit set upon your blog. As the name hints, this extension counts the words of the highlighted part in your blog.
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Spotify Search

To access this extension you need to install Spotify which gives you a context menu in which you can search the selected text by simply right clicking on the selected required text.
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Website Worth Calculator

Every blogger/website owner has an urge to know the worth of his site and this extension serves great to him. It gives detailed information about your sites value, income on a daily basis, details of traffic, rank of your page etc. Suppose you have a site like Web Loggerz, then this extension shows the site traffic, page rank and income estimate on a daily basis etc.
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Your favorite Extension?

Share your thoughts about which chrome extensions you love to use or have we missed any of your favorite one above.

4 thoughts on “10 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers”

  1. I admit I first downloaded thesauraptor to my torch browser because I thought it sounded cool, but ti has proven to be a very useful tool. Great for any kind of writer, really.

  2. That’s a very informative, thanks for sharing. I would also recommend Moz tool bar it quickly displays the PA and DA and link analysis of domain which can be very useful when search engine optimizing your post.

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